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  • Incredibly simple, incredibly useful

    By simmy131
    This is a great example of an app that defines a constrained use-case and absolutely nails it! My only complaint is that there appears to be a bug with 3rd-party icons (iCloud, Amazon Prime, etc.) where they will not show. I’m not sure what caused this but if it were fixed it would easily make the app 5 stars for me.
  • Great App

    By Jr luis
    Works perfect would awesome to have a macOS version that I can check when at a computer.
  • Not worth the money in my opinion

    By praveenalluri
    I like the simplicity of the app. No linking banks. No personal information need to be provided. But you can add only 4 subscriptions for free. If you want more you need to pay. The paid app adds very limited features. Ability to add unlimited subscriptions, dark theme, faceid. This can be done with few lines of code. I wish there can be a simple graph of your subscription history or a couple of other helpful features.
  • Great app

    By JoeTritoneBobMan
    Beautiful, minimalistic app. Love the customizable color coding. Touch ID is a nice touch. Would be a perfect 5 stars if there was an additional space to add comments (Which I would use to save passwords and login info for my subscriptions)
  • Works very well!

    By VPCYT
    No complaints at all. Works exactly as intended and helps me keep track of subscriptions :)
  • Good

    By The girl is better off
    Hi .. Thanks so much for your incredible app, it so amazing but I have noticed that I didn’t receive any notification when the payment is due like when I subscribe in Netflix I didn’t get notifications from the Bobby. Please help me!
  • I love this app!

    By clemency_fane
    I had no idea how much I was spending on subscriptions. Once I entered everything into Bobby - an easy, user-friendly process - I was staggered. I am spending less now thanks to this app. I would pay money for it! I have a lot of apps, and this one is truly outstanding.
  • Simple app.

    By daemonium venator
    It works in the way it should, but for free you only can set up 5 subscription before it ask you to buy more spots ( security like face/Touch ID are locked behind a payment and so is the dark theme and other cosmetic stuff. ) Sure there’s only 3, and yea there only 0.99$ each ( or 1.99$ for all 3 ) but this app locks nearly everything it advertises that it can do behind in app payment and I’m not down with spending 0.99$ just to organize my subscription bills, and I think it’s absolutely ludicrous that you have to pay for security that’s BUILT INTO OUR PHONES ALREADY!
  • Fantastic app, clean, functional

    By marcusdiddle
    Love this app! It’s *almost* everything I’ve been looking for in order to track upcoming expenses and bills. It’s clean, minimal, easy to use, has tons of built-in services to select from, but allows you to create your own custom ones as well. Just a few small suggestions that would make this app amazing. - Upon initially launching, allow a user to just select all the subscription services first. This would make setup so much faster than having to search each one out and set it up one at a time. I actually entered all of mine *blank* to begin with just to get them all selected, then went back in and configured each one. - Allow a preference to display the upcoming due date as either a relative span of time (2 weeks) or the actual date (Sept 15, 2018). Would much rather see the actual date. I actually used the Description field to simply add “3rd, 11th, 21st, 30th” etc to indicate the date of the month that expense is due on. - Add a Categories field. While I know the intent of the app is to track subscriptions, I’m actually using it to track expenses beyond that, including utilities, bills, etc., and I’d love to be able to put each expense into a category and view those lists either collectively, or separately. Again, love the app, highly recommend it! Would love to see just a few small tweaks which would make it much more useful.
  • Tracy40312

    By tracy40312
    Loving it