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  • Release Date: 2016-04-07
  • Current Version: 2.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 82.24 MB
  • Developer: SQUARE ENIX INC
  • Compatibility: Requires Android / iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 4,311 Ratings


-------------------------------------------- Adventure across Disney worlds! -------------------------------------------- The KINGDOM HEARTS story begins here! Meet faces both familiar and new as you become the hero of your very own tale! -------------------------------------------- Fight alongside an all-star cast! -------------------------------------------- Tap and swipe to execute mighty attacks! Equip character Medals featuring beloved Disney and FINAL FANTASY characters to call on their strength in battle! Customize your equipment and find new strategies to overcome fierce enemies! -------------------------------------------- Many ways to play! Play with up to 6 friends in real-time multiplayer quests! -------------------------------------------- Cooperate with friends to explore stages and tackle fearsome foes! Unlock the Coliseum by playing through the story quests and compete against others to climb the ranks! -------------------------------------------- Express yourself with customizable avatars! -------------------------------------------- An ever-growing selection of parts lets you make your very own avatar! Let your creativity run free as you choose from seasonal, event, and character-themed avatar parts to put together a unique look!




  • Good game, crippled by greed.

    By PipeClamp
    Enjoy the gameplay, appreciate the daily/weekly jewel addition. The availability of the in-game currency is low and the real money purchase price is unfairly costly for the amount you get, in relation to the cost of in-game items. Its at EA levels of unfair costs. That makes the game hard to play and easy to quit. Aside from outrageous cost, the game kind of saves itself due to a lot of “0 AP” events, AP being the currency expended to play the game. I HATE limiters of gameplay time in apps. Why build a game that doesn’t let you play for more than ten minutes at a time? It’s stupid and a crippling design choice. Luckily the game has consistent event periods that allow for endless play time. Also the amount of loading screens should be reduced. I don’t like waiting 15 seconds to open the game to get past notifications and screens. So its a fun game, until you run out of in-game currency after spending it all on game pieces you need to actually play more than 20%of the apps content. 3000 jewels is too high to be the standard cost. Anyone remember when Squeenix tried to sell copies of FFVII on its site and then kept all the money and never refunded or gave ANY ONE of the hundreds of buyers a copy of the game they purchased? Yeah, a company with that practice was destined to cripple a decent game with pathetic, insignificant cash grabs.
  • Best game ever

    By sybercon
    I love this game,the way people can have parties is cool and I like the multiplayer option and the coliseum though I didn’t like that the coliseum heartless had so much defense also the way you have to pay 15 dollars for a special quest that doesn’t even last forever I think it’s a waste of money I mean I get you guys are trying to get money but I think you should change that and I think you should make higher levels because I’m level 300 and I feel like people need more,other than those things this is the best game ever also I think you should make an update to where you can make your own keyblade anyway peace out. P.S. question would it be ok to hack for jewels cause I mean I see people hacking for lux but I don’t think jewels would matter but if your not allowed to than I won’t but anyway bye.
  • Love it!

    By billygiat12
    This is a great game in the KH franchise. For a mobile game it is really entertaining and I love the combat system and story. The boss fights are really interesting as well. It’s an ideal game for KH fans to keep busy until KH3 finally releases!
  • Best game ever

    By Girl who shall be nameless
    I love this game... First i was like oh a disney game boring! But when i played it, it became my fave game I love love love it! You really should buy this game.
  • Heh

    By Thark
    The storyline is an interesting take on the IP. Gameplay gets redundant but addicting. Major problem with the imbalance in the economy of the jewel packs and store. Which can be good, no incentive to spend money on a poor outcome.
  • Too linear and cloudy

    By dnvrrr
    The stages are too small and feel watered down to just a tap and flick waste of time. The tutorial literally lasts almost two entire 45 minute episodes of a Netflix show. Mostly because of how boring it is at first and how little it engages you. It would have been a different story to have an entire open world concept but it seems they were really lacking on the funds and demand micro transactions to run the rest.
  • Fun, but tedious (edited 2x)

    By Mallory A
    Edit 2.0: Upgraded to 3 stars. Almost all of my original complaints have been touched upon, but there are new complaints that stop this game from being perfect (like the power creep they refuse to address). Story mode quests are now a max 10 AP, not that it really matters because there’s almost always a week or two week long 0 AP campaign every month, so often times I’m not even spending AP—and on weeks where you do have to spend AP, there’s usually not an event going on and no real reason to play other than for the daily rewards (or weekend raid bosses, which are always 0 AP). I mean, HP still seems highly insignificant and you still get the same useless 1 star medals with story quests (and they removed the, probably bug, where you could get the guilt bonus of those medals infinitely, so there is literally no reason to keep them once you’ve fully guilted them once). But if they fixed all my complaints, why only 3 stars? The power creep. Enemies get higher and higher levels, but you’re still stuck at a max level of 300 (which doesn’t seem to do anything because all your strength comes from your medals and keyblades). The game caters directly to lucky players (or players who spend a lot of money on jewels) who get the new flavor of the month medal—literally every month the new meta changing medal is released and the whole game shifts in favor of that medal. For example, a couple months ago they released the iKairi Ex medal, which is currently, arguably, the most powerful medal in the game alongside its counterpart, iXion Ex, which was released last month. Just having one of these medals unguilted is enough to break your game experience—the medals are so strong that they take away the challenge of the story and proud mode quests, but they are absolutely essential for event quests and advancing in the coliseum. There’s also the unfair advantage lucky/pay-to-play players get in the monthly High Score Challenges, where you need to have that week’s newest medals in order to achieve the highest score—a feature obviously encouraging players to spend money on medals. This game is completely free to play, and they increased the amount of jewels you earn each week just by logging in and playing every day—but unless you’re lucky and get the new medals on your first pull, you’re not going to be getting very far in the weekly events. Other than that, once you hit level 300 you unlock all the possible level based avatar boards, but story mode still gives you avatar coins and you get more coins every week...after a while you’ll have more coins than you can possibly spend because you’ve completed every single avatar board. It would be nice to see a level increase so more avatar boards can be released (or maybe story based avatar boards that are released once you complete a certain story quest). These avatar coins are just going to waste and there’s no point in accumulating so many. Same thing for the coliseum coins ever since they consolidated the male and female avatar boards into one board. So yeah. Still a fun, but tedious, game. They’ve improved a lot, but unless you pay to play or have been with the game since the beginning, that power curve is steep and unwelcoming. —- Edit: Downvoted to 1 star. I'm on mission 250, and this game is truly becoming pay to play. Not even worth the time and effort anymore because I'm not trying to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars just to be able to level up medals and complete story missions. --- Original: First of all, I do love this game and I play it all day. Great distraction from homework and studying for finals. However, I must complain about a few annoyances: 1) Extremely high AP costs. Should special missions REALLY cost 30 or more AP?? Should regular story missions REALLY cost 15 or more AP? I've found myself going back through all the avatar options for boys and girls just to get the extra AP, but I still run out after one or two missions. It's like *gasp* you want me to pay real money in order to keep playing when I want to play. Which is obnoxious. That is how you lose players. 2) HP seems highly insignificant. Why is it that certain enemies just do an absurdly large amount of damage, regardless of how high your HP is? I've built up my HP and gone back to previous quests with heartless such as Morning Stars and Invisibles, and they still kill me in one or two hits. If anything, the more HP I seem to build, the more damage they do to me in the first hit. It's like the first hit just takes away all the bonus HP I've stacked from the avatar options, and then the second hit kills me anyway. so what is actually the point of HP? 3) I'm in the 200s story quests, where my medals have to be levels 4 and 5 for me to actually do damage and survive. So why am I still getting 1 star or 2 star medals as rewards? What? I'm not using those. You want me to level up Hayner, Pence, and Olette when I already have DiZ, Aerith, and Vivi? Would it be so terrible to throw in some 3 star medals that may actually be of more use? Or a variety of medals to earn? I mean, if I'm going to get a 1 star medal, I have more of an incentive to keep it if it's something like, I don't know, a Riku medal, than if I get another Stitch or Young Hercules or HAYNER, PENCE, AND OLETTE. Anyways. Those are my complaints. I know they won't change anything, but I know that if the story mode quests go past 25 AP, then I quit this game.
  • Just Play

    By DKMiratore
    There’s so much to discover in this version of kingdom hearts. The story is fun and is totally getting me excited for KH3. It has simple gameplay and if you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to invest that’s fine, it’s built in a way where stepping away for a bit won’t harm your progress. I see lots of people complaining, saying that you have to pay in order to make progress. I would call them impatient. The game provides you with all you need to earn good medals, even gifting thousands of them at a time at certain points in the year. Love the game! Can’t wait for more level updates!
  • Medals

    By ChilledSonic
    Why don't we get voices with our medals!
  • Love this!

    By Pokeevee57
    I've been playing this game since it came out, and I still continue to have fun with it. Personally, I don't like to use money on my games, but that is not a problem here. I'm so glad they made it easier to get rarer medals, since now I'm doing very well in the game! And there is still some challenge to it! I haven't used a single cent. And while I have been tempted to a few times, usually it all goes well in the end anyways. It seems that it's a little easier to get jewels now, since they have daily jewel challenges more often than not. Also, the Union Cross is so fun! I am so glad they added this multiplayer mode! While it may be a bit harder for newer players, it's still an enjoyable part of the game if you completed all of the main quests at that moment. I recommend this free-to-play game! Doesn't really have ads (though there is just a single prompt that you can X out of). You don't really have to use money unless you're really desperate for a certain medal! The multiplayer is enjoyable! Thanks for making this game, absolutely love it so much! 😍😍