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SkyGuru Pro

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  • Category: Travel
  • Release Date: 2016-06-08
  • Current Version: 1.2.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 74.20 MB
  • Developer: SkyGuru
  • Compatibility: Requires Android / iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 3
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Turbulence forecasts, weather explanations and real-time​ commenting on what is happening right now during your specific flight. All in flight mode! *****Featured as one of the 10 Great Gifts for Travelers by Forbes***** *****Featured as one of the 10 Best Travel Tips of All Time by Condé Nast Traveler***** ---------- Do you feel discomfort during flight? Do you need more information about what’s going on at every step? Or, perhaps, you love to fly and just want to learn more about aviation and understand it better? SkyGuru provides passengers with detailed explanations of most the processes that are happening during the flight. All in REAL time! Flying with SkyGuru is just like flying next to an experienced pilot! ---------- Imagine sitting next to a pilot who could explain every sound, every turn, every sensation you are feeling, warned you about any upcoming turbulent areas, and just turned your flying experience into a conscious process. SkyGuru – is your personal guide in the world of aviation. SkyGuru was created by a professional pilot Alex Gervash, director of “Flying without Fear” – a center for studying and treatment of aerophobia. The application receives information about an upcoming flight from professional aviation resources used by airlines around the world to plan their flight routes. With the help of your iPhone sensors and thousands of algorithms in the program, the app recognizes various stages of the flight process and accompanies you during the entire trip. It supports, teaches, comments, and explains everything that’s going on during the flight in real time. The application works in FLIGHT MODE during the actual flight! ---------- - Forecasts and warnings for most turbulent areas on flight route, including approximate time of entry and duration of each. - Description of weather conditions at the departure airport and explanations of how they may affect your sensations during take-off. - Calculation of the flight time with current winds. - Explanations of possible delays, waiting times for take-off, etc. - Real-time explanations of most sounds, which could worry the passengers (e.g. landing gear sounds, changing flaps, etc.). - Explanations of possible “dipping / falling through” sensations due to vestibular apparatus’ incorrect perception of the actual plane position. - Advice on choosing your seat in an airplane and preferred boarding times according to your flight itinerary. - Updated information on weather conditions at your destination airport, their influence on landing approach and your sensations during it. - Warnings about higher probability for going around due to current weather conditions. - Turbulence graph and current G-force values created by turbulence. - Flight speed and altitude, given a stable GPS signal (available when seated by the window). - Airplane nose positions relative to horizon and airplane bank angles relative to horizon when turning. - 3D airplane model of its relative position in space with banks, ditches, and turbulence influence. - Explanations of expected maneuvers after take-off and shortly before landing. - Explanations of cabin procedures, such as: “why does the light blink,” “why do we open window blinds,” as well as answers to many other questions that may worry passengers. All in real time. - Unique helpful methods and exercises that are designed to assist passengers with aerophobia to overcome fear and make their flight more enjoyable. - Flight knowledge and aviation education, as well as interesting facts about airplane safety. --------- IMPORTANT NOTES! 1.Speed and altitude are only available with GPS signal. 2.The app can only be used on a REAL flight. 3.If you have any questions, please contact us. We are always happy to support you. ATTENTION: FULL FLIGHT NUMBER SHOULD BE USED, INCLUDING AIRLINE PREFIX, NOT EARLIER THAN 24 HOURS BEFORE YOUR FLIGHT.




  • No flight data

    By MrMively0814
    The app never recognizes my flight. Always posts an error to send to support that must not exist. It’s cool for a first time flier but it’s a waste of money for frequent fliers.
  • Sky Guru

    By Tyla G
    The app was very helpful in providing information during flight that helped lessen my anxiety
  • Love it. Please fix some defaults

    By Cmerville
    I really like the app. It would be useful to be able to cancel a flight entered by mistake. I have to wait until the wrong flight has landed. Thanks!
  • New update is worthless

    By LMFurst
    It used to be a decent flight aide, but the new update is worthless. It doesn’t recognize any flight. Basically it’s become unusable.
  • Don’t download this version of the app

    By JE321
    After you pay the $20 and open the app a message comes up telling you that there is a new version of the app and that the one you just paid for will no longer be supported. It converts your $20 payment for the app into a one year subscription to the new app. This is extremely deceptive as many people like me will think they are paying $20 for unlimited access to the app instead of a subscription.
  • Unusable and Unreliable

    By themidnightwill
    I bought this for a specific trip. As prompted, I entered the Southwest flight number, with airline code. I tried multiple formats (ex: SWA1234, SWA 1234, WN1234, WN 1234) and it would never load the flight. Since it could not load it via the flight number, I followed their instructions to load the flight manually by entering the route, date, and time. It then loaded a completely incorrect route - two different cities than I had entered. These were not even cities on the same route, it seemed completely random. The app is a neat concept, but simply is not ready to be used or relied upon. I will be requesting a refund and I suggest others do not use the app until the glaring uses are resolved.
  • Best money I've ever spent

    By David Isaacs
    This app changed my life. I used to get anxious days before a flight and dread getting on a plane. Now I don't mind it at all! It has allowed me to travel comfortably and not fear death every time the plane hits some turbulence. I use it every flight and it's worth every penny!
  • Rude app's owner

    By Tofic
    The app shows the wrong departure/arrival time. After pointing out to the app's owner to this issue, got the rude judgmental comment for being perfectionist.... da, flight app with the wrong departure time?? Seriously?? Overall, second use of the app doesn't give you any new info, except for turbulence zones may be, postfactum...
  • Theft

    By adabbas
    Used it. It updated me that my flight is super turbulent. Smoothest flight ever. Other than few general updates ( that you can google). Not sure what is the value
  • Knowledge is Power

    By Luke-7
    Flew from Seattle to Houston to Cancun and back. Flying makes me nervous, I think mostly because I'm not in control or know what's going on. This app tells you what's happening, what sensations to expect and why. It also provides all of what's going on pretty quickly and the alerts back up, which is good because your focus will be on reading the alerts which takes your mind off flying and what you're feeling. Knowledge really is power, and after the first leg of the trip I was relaxed. I don't fly all that often, but the purchase was worth it. I'd recommend the app.