Tessitura Pro

Tessitura Pro


  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2016-09-09
  • Current Version: 3.9.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 12.82 MB
  • Developer: MDECKS MUSIC, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires Android / iOS 9.1 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 49 Ratings


The world of scales and modes just got more interesting! Tessitura Pro is a powerful tool for students, Jazz players, Arrangers and Composers. Study scales and modes like never before. Tutorials and example videos available from within the app In 1959, John Coltrane revolutionized music with his melodic pattern cycles in Giant Steps. Schoenberg defied tonality with his tone rows and Messiaen found the symmetry hidden in music structures with his modes of limited transpositions. So who is going to be the next pioneer to change the course of music? We don’t know but we’d love to help. That’s why we’ve created Tessitura Pro, an amazing tool that brings the entire world of scales, modes and melodic patterns at your fingertips. Tessitura Pro is much more than a thesaurus of scales, modes and melodic patterns, it’s an interactive tool to study and practice like never before. In Tessitura Pro you can create your own melodic patterns and include different kinds of approaches. Tessitura Pro comes loaded with collections of pre-made step-skip patterns that will make the creation of new music a breeze. Tessitura Pro will apply any pattern to the scale of your choice and write the music for you. The possibilities are endless. Study the relationship between source structures and modes, learn about their interval distribution and find upper structures for jazz improvisation, chord voicings and arranging. Tessitura Pro will help you become the master musician you’ve always wanted to be. Get Tessitura Pro today and take your music theory knowledge to the next level! Discover which Upper Structure Triads, Quartals, Sevenths Chords to use for improvisation and chord voicings building. Do you want to learn where you can use the Major or Minor Pentatonics in a solo? or how to use Upper Structure Triads in chord voicings or improvisation? Do you want to practice technique and scales: Imagine Hanon in all keys, scales and modes, and then raise it to the power of 10!! It's all in Tessitura Pro. An endless source of materials to study and practice. Learn music structures from a new perspective. Understand the relationship between modes in structures over the circle of fifths or the circle of fourths. Tessitura pro includes hundreds of scales and modes. Develop your ears and practice scales with or without approach notes, arpeggios, chords and any structure you can imagine. Use it as a source of inspiration for improvisation and composition. An app that takes on the world of music structures in a unique and profound way. Some of the concepts you can study and practice with Tessitura Pro are: Scale and Source Scales Modes Triads and 7ths chords Arpeggios Approach notes Upper Structure Triads Upper Structure Quartals Step Skip Patterns with Inversion and Retrograde Chord-Tones vs Tensions Chord-scales Degrees Rhythmic Variation and Hemiolas




  • Great knowledge Terrible interface

    By Maester Pycelle
    There’s an ungodly amount of great information in this app, but with such a terrible interface, no learning tools, or introductory information to help understanding exactly what you’re looking at, the app can’t be said to be worth the price. Only buy if you have a solid foundation of music theory already held in mind.
  • 🧠

    By Boop bee boop
    Impressive but not very practical, it is a chore to use. At this stage I don’t see the benefit of having an app for things that should probably just be learned in your head. Cool Swiss Army knife though...
  • Best thing ever

    By Lupkyn
    I am so excited. These mdecks apps seem to be about the most powerful tools for learning music that I have ever encountered. All for a few bucks. My only regret is that I didn’t have these resources 30 years ago.
  • Unintuitive

    By giles berlioz
    Not a very intuitive interface at all. Absolutely watch the tutorial videos.
  • Could be so much better

    By Tahoebrian5
    This app has a lot of potential but in my opinion there are a couple things that make this mostly something that I won't use very much. First, when choosing a scale as a main structure it does not show you all the triads available. You first have to choose what type of triad you are searching for, then it will show you only that triad. It seems like a miss to not see all the minor and major triads listed without going to the browser. Second thing is melodic patterns. There is no option to force chord tones on beat 1, or beats 1&3, etc. this makes patterns sound ambiguous instead of outlining a chord.
  • Greatest Conceptual Music Tool

    By MDWDesigns
    I’ve always wanted to make an app to explain music via color and geometry. It’s just so mind numbingly brilliant how music can explain everything in life and this app is a direct interface for the means visualize it
  • Has potential

    By DrLamboPhD
    The app provides lots of content, just the interface is clumsy and not intuitive. It feels like a chore to use. For example.. first glance at the guitar neck view and you get the idea. An needed improvement... if the user could customize a workspace ..or create several to guide the scope of what you they want tot work on. For example. Show a scale mode in whatever key and the chord triads that go with it..
  • Impressive!

    By z-town
    The interface is not very intuitive, but once I watched the tutorial videos, I could finally start to see the tremendous potential this app has as a practice tool. Seems strange that you can only set the screen orientation when you first open the app - it would be nice to be able to switch between portrait/landscape while it is open. As a jazz trombone player, I also wish the range for bass clef practice patterns could go up higher than a G4. I would typically practice patterns up to F5 or so. Other than that, it's fantastic. An extrememly useful resource for anybody studying music theory or composition as well as an excellent practice tool.
  • Jazz Improviser's Playground

    By Trevor Skiiiiiiii
    The world of scales and modes may look like a jungle to a Jazz improvising beginner: intimidating, hard to navigate, and frustrating to the point where it may cause one to give up. This application has converted that jazzy jungle into a playground, with near limitless opportunities for the aspiring jazz musician. It includes all possible modes and chords per scale/pattern that you may be analyzing in the app, and gives you information about what modes/scales/triads sound best over what chords. The app gives exactly what it advertises, and I would recommend this to a music educator to pass down to his students in a heartbeat. The only reason I give it a 4 star rating out of 5 is due to the apps formatting. It appears to be on the right track to achieving a simplistic navigational system that is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but there are still a few things that need to be adjusted to make this a 5 star music educational tool. (Note: they do have their own tutorial video channel on youtube on how to navigate the app, but if it can get to a point where it is more simplistic and eye appealing without sacrificing functionality and user freedom, it will be a music education super tool.) I'll be using this app for a long time. excellent job Tessitura app developers!
  • Best Music App Ever! Watch the tutorials

    By Yurima73
    This is an extensive app, great for theory and practice. Watch the tutorials and demos to see all the that it does. Simply endless and brilliant. The simple yet effective graphing of the scales and how you get all the related modes by just rotating the graph around the circle is brilliant. I've been looking for an app like this for a long time. If you want to understand and practice scales this is the app. I can practice any scale in any mode, even scales I did not know existed. The circle of fifths with the scales in it is awesome. And the patterns are really useful. The fact that this app does not have thousands of reviews, puzzles me. I guess people just want to play games on their phones It is among the best apps for scales and modes I've seen.