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Workouts++ lets you completely customize your Apple Watch workouts to display whatever fitness data you'd like — from a 6 metric display packed with info to a focused single metric display. For each metric you can setup conditional coloring and haptic alerts to help keep you in the zone. You can even display graphs of your performance to help you understand how well your workout is going. You can view detailed statistics for all of your past workouts (whether you've collected them in Workouts++ or not). This includes summary statistics as well as graphs showing available minute-by-minute performance statistics. Your lifetime stats are also summarized to give you a better idea of what your past performance looks like and how/when you typically workout. You can also listen to podcasts during your workout played directly from your Apple Watch. Either transfer podcast files over to your Apple Watch before you head out or if you have a Series 3 LTE Apple Watch with cellular service you can stream the episodes right to your Apple Watch. Notes: • Workouts++ requires an Apple Watch to collect the data it displays • Workouts++ integrates with the Health App on your iPhone to retrieve the data it displays. It will request permission to access the relevant data types associated with a workout. • Streaming podcasts requires an Series 3 LTE Apple Watch and active cellular service.




  • Great but

    By ifoudmyfitbit
    Please support auto pause
  • GPS data doesn’t transfer from watch

    By Beware Phog
    I have a Series 3 watch with LTE. I run without a phone. I alternate between the watch app and this one. 95% of the time the Apple Watch sends over gps data to map. Workout does it like 75% if the time. In fact, lately the apple app works all the time after some initial issues. I’ve had the watch three months. I would use one one day and the other on the next day and Apple works, workout does not. Just not consistent and reliable to use.
  • Non-functional

    By Curt67
    Gave it a one star review because data doesn’t integrate with Apple’s activity app. Skip this one until the developer figures this out.
  • Updated iOS and app is on the fritz

    By ajohnston1988
    Down to 2 from 4/4.5. 2 straight interval training workouts that have stopped, started and incorrectly alerted me during the workout. Neither workout was saved or charted. App may not be fully compatible with the new watch and iOS updates.
  • Buggy update needs some fixes

    By swimcav
    This update disappointed me. I use this app to track my swimming workouts. Now I have to choose between 2 rotary fields and the app does not remember the last choice . Later edit : after accessing the configure tab on iPhone the workout list on the watch app updated itself to the old list . I also noticed that the app will not record a 2 lap swim , also the lap counter is constantly 2 laps behind ( but it records the distance correctly after finishing the workout ). Also the app does not display the last workout track ( I saw this both for biking and for outdoor swimming ) . The track magically appears after you do another workout . I know the app is free but I hope you get to iron out the bugs because the app is really nice .
  • Buggy and unreliable

    By whargrove
    Look elsewhere for a reliable workout app. I run with only my Apple Watch and the watch app doesn’t track reliably. Sometimes the workout never happens, other times the workout is interrupted and a new one is started without explanation. (Support didn’t provide any reasons either.)
  • Latest update a big miss

    By DaveSwimFit
    The app no longer shows you the configured workouts on the watch. Stuck with unconfigured options. This used to be excellent.
  • Love this app! But stopped working???

    By CaptainObvious------52794
    I used this app for every workout, until the other day when it failed to track distance on my bike ride. Since then, it hasn’t tracked distance travelled in any workout. What I love about this app are the graphs that I get to view DURING my workout. And also the fact that there is more possible metrics I can view. Hopefully deleting and reinstalling the app works out.
  • Been crashing during workouts with increasing regularity

    By Dom B L
  • New user

    By wiggly_jiggly_giggles
    Interface is clean and the app is great. Thanks for all that you do. Under the Workouts tab of the app, please allow the user to select the workout logged/listed then manually update the Workout Type and Calories Burned content.