CoPilot Truck GPS - Navigation

CoPilot Truck GPS - Navigation

By ALK Technologies Ltd.

  • Category: Navigation
  • Release Date: 2017-06-22
  • Current Version:
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 79.66 MB
  • Developer: ALK Technologies Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Requires Android / iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 2.5
From 72 Ratings


Breaking News: This app is retired Living out the rest of its days reminiscing about all the good times and good drives. This app will no longer receive app updates. If you intend to purchase this app, please download our most popular CoPilot GPS app for free instead. Already have this app? Don’t worry - you will be able to restore all your purchases and settings in the CoPilot GPS app and continue using all your favorite features. Find out more info here




  • Got me into a lot of trouble

    By aamircdl
    In case you’re looking to purchase this for using when you’re driving a truck you’re better off going to Best Buy and getting a real one. This gps caused me to get into an accident today because it took me on a wrong route 3 times. That bad considering you can’t afford that in trucking. Definitely not recommended
  • they need to fix the route map for semi trucks

    By trucker 1502
    I received a ticket because the GPS sent me to go by the side of the cars in the toll that connects New York with New Jersey, and on several occasions it takes me out of the route to get back on the same route
  • Actually quite impressed

    By big F little u
    I downloaded this for temporary use until I had the money to get another Rand Mcnalley. The ability to plan your trip and switch just certain parts of certain routes is genius. The apps ability to re-route you when you miss a turn is spot on so far and responds quick. The only issue I have is the voice guide is super quiet and very robotic in speech. I plot my addresses and then verify the route it gives me off of the 2019 truck atlas and I haven’t been given a route that is restricted or low clearance yet. I usually end up dressing up my routes based on trucker path fuel stops etc which you can also plan in. I don’t bother with the extra stops I just make sure that there are some in my path. Thanks guy. Great app. 3 week update: Been using this app for three weeks now. I haven’t been put into any terrible situations yet but I also don’t follow it blindly. Things I have noticed that annoy the crap out of me: 1. Tries to route you through small cities. This app will take you off the interstate and route you through a small city in times where you are going from one interstate to another. For instance: I am in Grand Rapids, MI heading to Delta, OH. I want to go US131 south to I94 east. Instead of routing me that way it tried to send me on US131 business through the middle of Kalamazoo, MI! WHY?? FIX IT! Luckily I haven’t left yet but I looked at the interchange via satellite and there seems to be a way to do that. I think it often does this to save miles but, since I’m taking an hour to save 10 miles then I’m really just burning my clock for no reason. I’m limited on hours not miles! 2. Next very annoying thing is when I am going to be on an interstate or US highway for many many miles this app likes to break it down into like 20 mile intervals where it simply tells me to keep going on the interstate I’m already on while another road splits off!!!? Basically saying “don’t exit” about 100% of the time there is no reason, sign, or convincing looking exit that I would take if it didn’t say that. If I need to be on a highway for 500 miles then I want the gps to stay silent for 495 of them until it gets close to exit time. I don’t need to be told NOT to do something! Other than those two things this is a pretty solid platform. If the developers manage to fix these two major issues and make the voice louder than I will not be buying a rand McNally but I will instead be continuing to renew my subscription. Thanks.
  • Ever going to update this?

    By Hungry trucker
    ETA is wayyyyyyyyyyy off. Not bad but they could definitely steal a few things from rand McNally when it comes to POIs Walmart’s weigh station notifications etc. probably could steal a few things from garmin too. It needs a little bit of work in those categories and it would definitely be worth the price. Desperately needs an update.
  • Looked promising but fails

    By haulinass1283
    I’m still on the trial and never used it. I put in a very simple route just to test, it couldn’t do that right. It was from Dayton, OH to Dublin, OH very easy I-70 to 270 NB then exit 20. The gps wanted me to get of at a different exit and cut through all these side streets. The address to place wasn’t even in the gps just a address number near it. This gps is hot garbage if it can’t do an easy route what’s the point
  • Gets the job done but there is much room for improvement

    By Jccson
    There is not a lot of competition out there for truck gps apps. I’ve tried all of them. However, I think this is the better value out of all of them and I thank the developers for that. But there is much room for improvement for this app. If you could make this like google maps but for trucks, it would be the greatest navigation app ever.
  • Broken

    By yvughohycy
    I enjoyed copilot for a bit and suddenly it just stopped and wanted to charge me a subscription price, which wasn’t a issue. However, after I paid the 10 bucks it still wouldn’t work and to this day, still will not work. One word... Trash
  • Absolutely useless! Does nothing but find your current location.

    By RufasU
    I'm trying to find a good navigation program to use while driving my motorhome. User interface is kind of clunky. But worst nothing works using it as a GPS. I start the program, load up a trip and start it. I start driving, the position never moves and it keeps telling me what my first turn is. It keeps repeating the turn over and over and over... Don't understand how this even got in the App Store.
  • Not useful app

    By John wang906666
    Waste of money
  • Works good in Utah!

    By MTB Driver
    I drive a Hazmat truck in Utah... and it helped me a lot ... Then I paid 9.99 to use this month and the bugs started ... I downloaded the maps of the areas that I need and today the GPS simply did not find any route ... It just appeared a message saying " GPS did not find a route "... So I had to use Google maps and look the way before not doing wrong routes ... It is not worth depending on this GPS ... I believe that we have to buy a specific one even for trucks... ps. The new voices are HORRIBLES!!!