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  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2017-11-29
  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
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  • Developer: Kalam Ali
  • Compatibility: Requires Android / iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 3
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Discover the most rewarding way to access the web. Full screen, no distractions, the lightest web browser you will ever need.




  • Scam

    By 1sweat1
    Why do I keep trying these apps? Only 50% of the time do I actually get the points. I follow all the rules get to the level and what do you know, no points awarded. I push forward, finally getting to 5000 points. $10 gift card time-finally! Maybe it was worth the headache. Nope- Sold out. What a scam! They waste your time, get all your information, and then say “oops, sorry” no reward for your time. Please stay away and urge others to do the same. Don’t waste your time!!
  • Used to work, but was always bad

    By kylerfox10
    About a year ago this app used to work, "download an app, open app, profit", but now they pretty much got rid of that and give you offers where you need to put in personal information, spend money, or devote hours to a game, sometimes these offers don't even go through. And the offers that don't require personal information, money, or time don't even go through. And just today I got a notification saying that if I don't complete an offer in 24 hours the credits I do have will be deleted. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP, IT IS A MONEY GRAB FROM THE DEVELOPERS, YOU DOWNLOAD APPS, THEY GET MONEY, YOU GET NOTHING
  • Horrible and waste of time

    By lexiii2727
    You do offers and get no credits for them ever. Ive done at least 15 today and not one has gave me credits. Horrible. Don’t recommend
  • Extras section doesn't work. Otherwise it's ok.

    By Darth Jetki
    The app itself works, only bugs that are annoying but you get used to and aren't devastating. The extras section of the app however is horrid. I tried to get a really good deal on an app for 9000-ish credits and when it finished and I had gone to app bounty to collect it, nothing was there, not even the actually app credit offer was there.
  • Account Deactivated

    By theportalmasterdude
    When I tried to get into my account to redeem a card via email, they said that my account was deactivated because of recurring cheating. I was wondering how I could cheat when it took months months to finally get the credits to redeem a card. How can they say I was cheating when I spent all that time that I will never get back trying to get enough credits for a $10 iTunes card? Can someone please address this disparity of an issue so others won’t be going through what I had to go through? Update: I got a reply saying that there was an issue with emulators recently so that’s why they thought I was cheating.
  • Keep quests or missions or whatever active

    By thtguyuknw
    I swear I sank a bunch of time into ffxv the app trying to get citadel 10 and guess what as soon as I get it I don’t get the credits why because app bounty doesn’t work correctly I have clicked start at least 5-6 times for that game and now that I get citadel 10 I don’t get any credits that’s stupid in my opinion I only got that game for the points
  • It DOES work. Just be patient

    By Carlololol
    App Bounty DOES work and I’ve used it numerous times and I have actually gotten gift card codes. The reason why you aren’t getting your credits are maybe because the offers you picked had a sending delay. Some offers take up to half an hour to receive, and trust me, if you put enough effort into this app, you will get what you want.
  • This rocks

    By 3578808653324680
    This is a really good site I really recommend it!
  • Total scam

    By coolgoy
    I downloaded this app to get a PlayStation gift card and once I download enough apps to get this 5000 point card. It doesn’t give it to me! Do not download plz
  • Review: App bounty

    By Crash!112211
    I’ve had this app for about 3 months now and when I first downloaded it I did so because I was getting point from swagbucks. Whenever I see a app that is like swagbucks in the aspect that you get gift cards (ones I know I would use like Itunes,Amazon,paypal,etc) I try it out to just see the rate of points I can acquire vs what the pay out is. Usually in most apps it isn't really worth the time spent and can take months to even get a 5/10 dollar gift card which I think is just kind of lame. But this app lets you acquire a decent amount of points and their redeems arent for an insane amount. Perks: Able to get points pretty fast if you're willing to put the time into games They have a few gift cards that I believe most people would enjoy having The waiting period for a gift card is pretty fast and they give it to you as a code You can play games for points They have a few sister apps I believe that will let you combine the points No personal info required minus age requirement for downloading the app. Flaws: Some offers aren't good (but thats how most of these apps are I find) Sometimes they dont add your points Sometimes the app doesnt process that youve downloaded the app and makes it impossible to obtain the points because its for first time users only They only have a small selection of gift cards You have to figure out the kinks on how to get the points sometimes Overall I gave it a 4 star because even though there are flaws anybody that has been doing points for cash/gift cards know that most apps are a 💩head when it comes to actually coming through on what they said they would give you. And it’s a hobby. You are playing a game on your free time for points. Not much better than that. 🤷🏾‍♀️. Umm.. I cant think of much else to write rn but if I think of anything else I will add it if I can. Thanks for reading my review and I hope it helps you.