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Try our international calling app and get the cheapest rates for premium-quality calls to any phone anywhere in the world. Test us out with a free call! Test our international calling app with a free call! We offer the cheapest rates for premium-quality calls to any phone anywhere in the world. Download today! Why choose Rebtel? • Cheapest rates for premium-quality international calls • Tailor-made offers just for you • No internet needed! But of course, you can connect how you like - over 3G/4G, Wi-Fi or local phone lines • Premium-quality calls to landlines and mobiles anywhere in the world • Send international mobile top-ups to friends and family abroad without paying any fees • Free calls to the United States from anywhere in the world • Free calls and instant messages to Rebtel app users • Invite friends and earn calling minutes • Try for free! Best app to call India, Cuba, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Colombia, Kenya, Uganda, and more. Best international calling offers Rebtel offers different types of international calling offers depending on your needs. You can either pay as you go with our cheap per-minute rates, call unlimited with one of our unlimited calling subscriptions, or try one of our special exclusive offers. No matter what type of offer you choose, there’s no contract, no cancelation period, and absolutely no hidden fees. Popular countries to call include: India, Nigeria, Cuba, Ghana, Cameroon, Eritrea, Colombia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, and more. Send international mobile top-ups without fees The Rebtel app makes it easy to send international mobile recharges to your friends and family back home. Just find your contact, select the amount you’d like to send, and then send your mobile airtime top-up without paying any additional fees. Supported destinations: Cuba, Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, Nepal, Senegal, and more to come! Free app-to-app calls or messages Call or instant message Rebtel app users anywhere in the world for free! If your friends don’t use Rebtel, then send them an invite and earn $5 in calling minutes when they make their first payment. • Get started today • Download the Rebtel app • Sign up and accept permissions • Try a free call • Select the calling offer that’s right for you (we’ll show you the ones we think are most relevant for you based on where you’re calling, but you can choose any) • Start calling!




  • Fraudulent charging

    By Oluseg-Jowja
    I’m disappointed in Rebtel for your recent fraudulent charges. I made a call just now and with 3 times ringing before I stopped the call when the recipient didn’t pick up the call Rebtel has charged me with 12cents. This is awful and fraudulent!
  • Good

    By $umair
    Clear voice without any problem awesome app love it
  • My experience with the network

    By prince texas
    This network Rebtel is a leave not technology Very cheap and clear Keep it up Prince Texas 3464206115
  • Great stuff

    By ppaze
    Clear call time, I’m impressed.
  • Good deals but could be better

    By Tony Benson
    They’ve introduced global unlimited but for a few countries. If only they could redefine or customize it to suit individual caller destinations than just clustering UK only. Also, they could add the ‘Deals’ feature in the app than having to log on their website and purchase it from there. Otherwise, it’s a great calling app with clarity and good connectivity; love using it.
  • Phone app review

    By Bubblymubeena
    Very nice app
  • Rebtel service

    By Moses Mosco
    Your service is Superb👍
  • Mi favorita app

    By Geldinka
    Una maravilla,me puedo contactar con mis seres queridos a cualquier hora y en todo momento y los precios asequibles.
  • It’s always ringing😐

    By Anki30
    Sometimes when we call and the other one busy on another call or there phone is switch off we can not get that because it’s always ringing on our side and that all what we here always ringing
  • Bait and switch

    By q44623
    Dozens of email back and forth, and they couldn’t explain why I was paying them more than the price they advertise. Closest I can get is that loyal customers who have been with them for years pay a higher rate (double) than the advertised rate. When I found out, they gave me a magic code to reduce the rate. They’ll deny it in their reply and ask me to contact them, which is of course BS - what is there to say after all these emails? I used to like this company. Very sorry for recommending this company to people. Looking forward to see their “surprised” reply asking me to contact them directly for another chain of emails. Of course I won’t, they’ve spent enough of my time when I was trying to give them any possible way to show I was indeed “confused” as they called it. Nope, just dishonest bait and switch.