Packing Pro

Packing Pro

By Quinn Genzel

  • Category: Travel
  • Release Date: 2009-04-17
  • Current Version: 12.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 19.05 MB
  • Developer: Quinn Genzel
  • Compatibility: Requires Android / iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 1,428 Ratings


** Featured in Apple's "10 Essentials," "Traveling Home" & "Staff Favorites" ** ** #1 Travel app in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Italy, Brazil & more! ** ** As seen on CNN, BBC, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fodor's, ** ** Travel+Leisure, Budget Travel, Mashable, WIRED, 148Apps, Gizmodo & Macworld ** ** UNIVERSAL APP (+iCloud) -- optimized for iPad, iPhone & iPod touch ** ** Great Value -- like getting two apps in one! ** MEDIA REACTION: "Do you like to get organized? Like, really organized? Then Packing Pro is the app for you." -- The New York Times "Never again will I forget to bring socks to a three day convention, and that alone makes Packing Pro worth every penny." -- 148Apps (rating: 4.5 / 5) "If you travel, and always wind up on a mad dash to the pharmacy, or convenience store, this app is for you." -- TUAW Packing Pro is a super-enhanced mobile travel list app that features unlimited, 100% customizable packing lists. If you also desire great syncing & sharing options, a huge catalog, lots of sample lists, display customization & additional, built-in Expert assistance, then Packing Pro is for you! PACKING PRO BENEFITS: 1) FULL iCLOUD SUPPORT: -- device-to-device auto-sync support for lists, catalog & settings 2) PACKING LIST SHARING & BACKUP: -- share lists & catalog content via email, AirDrop, Dropbox/Box/iCloud Drive & iTunes; use the simple '1-tap backup to email' 3) EXPERT LIST ASSISTANT: -- "automagically" create lists based on the number of adults (males & females), children & days, as well as temperature, destination, food preparation & clothes washing preferences 4) HUGE MASTER CATALOG: -- over 400 new items (total of over 800), including extra items for babies, kids, pets, sports, cooking & religion 5) TWICE AS MANY SAMPLE PACKING LISTS: -- including ones for couples, families, business people & campers 6) CUSTOMIZABLE DESIGN: -- includes app-wide themes, layout & font choices, & nearly full control over all the colors & textures in the app 7) CSV IMPORT / EXPORT: -- edit your lists & catalog content on a computer with Excel, Numbers or GoogleDocs 8) SMART SEARCH: -- easy & intuitive search function CORE PACKING FEATURES (in both Packing Pro & Packing): 1) PACKING LIST FEATURES: - CREATE unlimited, 100% user-customizable packing lists - BUILD lists quickly & easily with multi-item selection - MULTI-EDIT your lists however you wish (add, delete, rename or reorder any category or item) - DISCOVER new ideas & suggestions from included sample lists - USE any list (sample or your own) as a template for future lists - MONITOR a running tally of total items per category & how many of them are checked off - COLLAPSE categories for less scrolling & better management - SORT items by priority, type or item, or by hand - SHOW only items that are packed or unpacked, or show them all - FILTER items based on need to buy, person and/or bag - EDIT item details (number, weight, value, person, bag & notes) - ADD IMAGES, ALERTS, PRIORITIES & NEED-TO-BUY to list items - TOTAL your list items, weights & values, by bag, by person & by category - SEE remaining items as badges on home page & app icon - PRINT your list directly to a printer with 1, 2 or 3 columns - EMAIL your packing lists to family & friends 2) CATALOG FEATURES: - CUSTOMIZE the Master Catalog with 100% freedom (add, delete, rename or reorder any category, type or item) - SELECT from hundreds of items for quick list generation with only minimal typing - ACCESS an extensive pre-departure TO DO list with over 100 tasks - DEFINE your own categories, types, items & TO DO actions for more customized freedom & control - COPY & MOVE types & items throughout catalog - MULTI-EDIT your types & items (delete, move, copy or set) more quickly than one-by-one - SORT, CAPITALIZE & UNCAPITALIZE Quick, simple, reliable & infinitely customizable, let Packing Pro be your helpful travel companion on all of your trips. Bon voyage!




  • Not user friendly

    By Meribah1
    List apps should be simple with out a million steps. This app is so complex to create your own lists and items. It’s extremely frustrating and not user friendly at all. I do not recommend. Currently deleting
  • One of the most useful apps I own

    By SarahSaysHi
    I can’t say enough about this app. Thanks to packing pro, it’s rare that I ever forget anything important for my trips. A great investment for peace of mind.
  • Great for all travelers

    By kfordham281
    I’ve used this application for a few years now and it was a good purchase. There is a little bit of a learning curve when you first begin using it, but there is a lot of power behind it as well. I don’t travel without using this application to pack!
  • Great help so I don’t forget anything

    By Nicky(PR)
    In addition to a great app, the support is excellent. What more can I say. Five stars all the way.
  • Great for packing enthusiasts and everyone else

    By ismilez
    (Still loving it in 2018!) Very customizable, user-friendly app. Helps to make the anxiety-inducing task of packing (whether for a day hike or a six-month hiatus), much less stressful. This new update just makes this app that much more awesome. I emailed feedback directly to the developer and they got back to me right away with a thorough and thoughtful response. WOW! I have over 400 apps and this is one of my FAVORITES!! I can't imagine packing without it! 2018 UPDATE: I've been using this app consistently over the past several years (my first review was in 2012!) and it just keeps getting better! The developer is responsive and maintains reasonable and effective updates. This is one of the most consistently reliable and awesomely functional apps I use!! 💖
  • Great packing list app

    By ScorpioUndone
    I tried half a dozen other list making apps and I love the flexibility this app gives me to make customized lists. The ability to add custom groups and items to the catalog means I can add all the stuff I need for a diving trip to any of the lists I’m working on with one click. 5 stars.
  • Very helpful App

    By FastMrEddy
    Have used the app for several years. I find it very helpful. I particularly like to have the list in my Teo mobile devices. I wish there was an easier way to share lists. At the moment, I have to export list, forward to spouse, and then she imports it in her mobile device
  • I love love love Packing Pro.

    By Margrad
    It is a very versatile app. You can use as much or as little of the many features as you like. There are a lot of easy ways to customize it to your particular needs. I am always finding new features that I love. I have traveled all my life, starting as one of the first women to become a US Merchant Marine Officer. I studied abroad as a graduate student and I drug my husband all over the world on two and three week vacations. Over the years I kept many types of packing list. It was always a huge hassle when one got lost (misfiled).It wasn’t until I made Honolulu my home port that I found a packing list app. I loved that one and used it for a long time until I became confused and downloaded the wrong app to a new phone. It was a very lucky mistake. Packing Pro was very much like the other app, but far far better in usability and features. Over the years I have used it I have slowly began using more and more of it’s advanced features. The first of which was making different list for different trips. I loved it since I could make a list of every type of trip I would take. Different ships and different voyages required different clothes and equipment. It made it a breeze to make what is called “A Pierhead Jump”, where you are given only a short time to get your gear together before reporting to the ship. The next feature I found essential was the luggage icons. I spent several years traveling around the world as a Marine Surveyor between ships. Packing for those jobs was even more complicated than going to sea, because of all the specialized stuff I had to take. I used different suitcases for each sort of trip. It was very convenient to indicate which bag was being used and what was to go into each bag. The next thing I did was make Person icons for each role I lived in life and indicated all the items on my master list as being for each of the people I was; Surveyor, Chief Officer, Second Officer, Third Officer, or just plane Sandra. I retired from going to sea in 2017, and at that time a lot of my gear and suitcases retired as well. In a joyous ritual I deleted all my packing lists. (Of course I have a backup stored on Dropbox should I ever need them.) I am selling my house, getting rid of 80% of my junk and becoming a nomad. To prepare for this life I used the packing list from the “One bag” website and started afresh. Reviewing the packing list of other minimal travelers, especially those of active older women I refined my list to a good starting point. The next feature I began to use was the weight record. I piled up all the things that where on my tentative packing list and weighted each one. Since I am going for a very small weight in my bags, I record the exact weight in the Notes section, while entering the weight in whole ounces in the Weight section of the app. Having the weight with tenths down in the notes section works out really well, since it shows up next to the item in the list and makes it easier for me to pick out my heaviest clothes to wear on the plane. Who knew that a pair of slippers (flip flops) weighs more than my walking shoes? I have also found another use for designating which bag the item is going in. I created a bag called Think Again to hold items that I am not sure about or need to find a lighter one. Right now I have 7lbs I could drop from my luggage if need be, but I am under my total for the moment. That brings me to the totals section: What a great idea. You can see the total weight of all your bags (don’t forget to enter the weight of the empty bags); the weight of each bag; and the weight of each category of items. Another thing I love is that they have a tip jar. I really dislike subscription model apps, but I am more than happy to drop a few bucks into the tip jar every trip. Thanks to the Packing Pro team! I am now ready to travel the world without having to worry about getting back to my ship. (No cruise ships for me!)
  • 5 star App

    By Abo Alshosh
    I love this App ,,, very useful
  • Great product!

    By Mpeggy
    I have used this app for several years now. It has totally made my packing for large trips (overseas) and small trips much less stressful. I simply add what I think I will need and then check and recheck my list! I love that you can clear your list to use over and over. I’ve even added my medications as a sub-list so I don't leave anything out! I recommend this all the time to friends and family!