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Weight Watchers

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With our easy-to-use Weight Watchers app, you’ll always have access to the amazing features we offer including thousands of delicious recipes, tools to help monitor and meet your weight-loss goals, and the support you need each step of the way. With your Weight Watchers subscription, you can: • Post pics or videos sharing your victories, and get your daily dose of inspiration and positivity on our exclusive social community, Connect • Discover recipes, browse restaurants, and see how many days you were in the Healthy Eating Zone on our updated My Day screen • Easily track your weight and earn badges for your progress • Swipe right to quickly track multiple items from Search, Frequents, and My Foods • Sync with Apple Health to convert your daily steps into FitPoints, our measurement for activity Download the app today so you can start focusing on what truly matters—enjoying satisfying, delicious food and living the life you love!




  • Love it

    By 100yecal
    It’s very easy to use and love the tools it offers! ❤️ Connect
  • Search function is beyond worthless

    By Asjfufjfjdishf
    This app assumes that, when you are searching for foods, you cannot spell. If you search for "mulled wine" it will assume that you meant to search for "pulled" and "wings." So instead of knowing how many points my cup of wine is, I'm sorting through dozens and dozens of pulled pork sandwiches from Buffalo Wild Wings.
  • Great Tool

    By Minismith
    I love the app. However, I would love to see Connect update to make easier to locate what or who we are looking for. Thanks!
  • Better with more info

    By RJ4591
    The app just gets better and better. I like the restaurant info as well as the exercise tracking! Great app for tracking too
  • Like it!

    By Fscott4$
    One week in and I dropped 5.1 pounds. App works good to track both food & activity. Looking forward losing more weight.
  • Easy and comprehensive

    By Losing in VT
    Love the app- great tools, easy to navigate
  • Needs work

    By lagw54
    I’m excited to be back at WW but after using the My Fitness Pal app for calorie counting the past year, I was surprised to realize that the WW app seriously needs work. My main complaint is the scanner. It works great for adding food but where is it when I’m creating a recipe???? Yes I can go back and forth but it’s awkward and unreliable. How hard can it be to link the scanner to the recipe builder? The second worst feature is the restaurant database. It’s absolutely useless. It’s completely outdated and extremely limited. I’m having to use my MFP app to find items and then use the points calculator to be able to track the items. What a time waste! If a free app like MFP can do these two things so well, why can’t WW??? Come on, WW, help me by keeping it simple!!!
  • Very helpful

    By katsenjuju
    Great app, but can get confusing as it will list the same item’s description with different points, sometimes even twice as many! But, overall, it’s great and it works!
  • Simple concept that calls to the gamer’s heart

    By K4nde
    I like this program because it converts calories to points. It reminds me of a game in which I can “earn” and lose points at my own discretion. Having the app on my phone allows me to avoid outside judgement on my eating and activity choices while still allowing me to become aware of habits that are not helping me to achieve my goals. I’m a little concerned with how the app syncs with apple health step counter. I like the concept but do feel like I may be given too many fit points...I’d like to be able to adjust that in some way...like instead of not including 3-4 pts (3000 steps—i assume to account for typical day to day activity and not dedicated exercise time?) I can restrict it more. This is because I will eat what I see I have and don’t necessarily think I need to get 18 points in one day just because I walked 20000 steps—I’d rather cap it to something like 10-15 points a day Some other things I would like: 1. I’d like to see activities on machines base their points on average wattage instead of a general idea of “intensity” level. This would help with machines that are not yet entered into the system as well (sort of like a smartpoints calculator). 2. I’d also like to see a separate points calculator on the screen like before...not everything scans and it would be more helpful at the store when making choices. And on that note, maybe in the same place? Have a “what’s the points?” section for inquiry/meal planning instead of having to plug it into your day. 3. Another calculator idea: recipe calculator— allow for someone to just enter in a recipe as is and list the serving size to have the app calculate the points. It would be much faster instead of the user having to calculate how much of each part of the recipe was in each cookie he/she made, he/she can put in the total used for all 36 cookies he/she made and the calculator would divide that by 36 to give a point value for each unit. Thanks!
  • Love it

    By Cpixton
    I’m in my first week and the app has made shopping easier for sure. I love all of its features especially how it syncs to my Fitbit. I find myself constantly on the app and the support I have gotten from other members has been great.