My Recipe Book Organizer

My Recipe Book Organizer

By Cross Forward Consulting, LLC

Score: 4.5
From 6,561 Ratings


My Recipe Book is ONE place to store and organize the recipes you find and tear out of magazines, bookmark online, store on faded recipe cards – in a format that can be carried & used directly in the kitchen. You can now also manage your Grocery List right from your Apple Watch. Quickly see what you need without pulling out your iPhone. Add new items right from your wrist with powerful dictation. The Glance (accessible from your Apple Watch's clock) shows your list without even opening the app. Our favorite features: - RECIPESYNC, an iCloud enhanced syncing solution that lets you seamlessly synchronize your recipe catalog and grocery list between all your iOS devices. - IMPORT recipes directly from selected websites into the app - SORT recipes by keyword, category, ready time, or dietary restriction - GROCERY LIST to make sure you have all ingredients - now add your own custom ingredients! - SERVINGS ADJUSTER: modify your recipe servings easily, and save the modification to use in the grocery list now! - SURPRISE ME decides what to make for you - FAVORITES button for quick reference - QUEUE button to add recipes you want to try - SHARE recipes with friends via email - and now they can automatically import it into their Recipe Book App! - NO INTERNET connection needed to view recipes saved in the app - CONVERSION tools including temperature, weights and measures, and metric to US standard iPad only Features (for now): - Multiple KITCHEN TIMERS built in - now they work in the background - Multiple PHOTOS can be added for each dish - Input NOTES about each recipe - CUSTOMIZE your categories & dietary restrictions by clicking on the settings icon, then edit categories Whether you’re a busy mom looking for a great go-to app to get dinner on the table, a gourmet chef who wants to look for a recipe to use up the rest of your truffles, or you typically only cook for one or two, and need to halve all your recipes, this app is for you. We love and enjoy your feedback on new features & ways to make this app better.




  • Cannot get new recipes

    By Stephanie.Ster
    I don’t know what happened I used to be able to get recipes from the websites like Allrecipes but now you can’t import it doesn’t add it to the library. Please fix this issue !!!!
  • unresponsive app developer to functionality flaw

    By R RWND
    Have had the app for some time and like it. Recently (and yes I update my apps) I cannot email my recipes. I’ve contacted the app developer on several occasions but no reply. Do not buy this app.
  • Love this app!!

    By Cathwr
    This app is wonderful! Albeit sometimes easy import does not work with some websites but it is so easy to copy and paste and it formats perfectly. The developer is responsive so I’ve never had issues. It is so nice to have my recipes handy for shopping. Recommend highly!
  • Great Job with this app!

    By HB/FLA
    I haven’t had the app long but so far I’m impressed. Obviously designed by someone that gets it! Tired of printing recipes only to have to find and print them again the next time you want them, always wanted to write down your recipes but figured it’s too much of a pain in the butt to fix mistakes or add forgotten steps or ingredients...then this is the app for you. Totally customizable, very cool import features and building your own recipes is easy as pie. I think you’ve thought of everything...including easy sharing Thank you!
  • Does not work anymore

    By Binkleyk
    The developer has stopped supporting this app. It does not work, no importing. When you email them you get a auto reply, been broke over a year. It should be removed from App Store.
  • Developer not supporting the app

    By boxer122
    I loved this when I first got it 5 years ago, but the developer has apparently stopped supporting the app: the last update 10 months ago and more frustrating - the developer won’t even respond to customer concerns. The search/download recipes from other websites barely works. I have collected a bunch of unique recipes and now have to figure another app that will “take” these recipes. Very very disappointing.
  • Import feature doesn’t wrk any more

    By debgrier
    I used to love this app but the ability to import recipes doesn’t work anymore
  • My Favorite recipe app

    By RoemVA
    I have had this app for awhile. It is my favorite so far.
  • Great APP, recently giving me problems

    By Drwidd
    I have been using this app for several years now. I have added recipes I have gotten from my Mother”s recipe files. I have added many recipe’s from online, mostly from AllRecipes. I have 119 recipes stored in the app now. Recently, though, I find that I cannot seem to download new recipes from Allrecipes or other online sites via the Easy Download. Have I reached the maximum limit of recipes that the app can download? I love this app. I have considered reinstalling the app but fear I would lose the recipes I have already. The idea of printing out my 119 recipes to ensure i do’t loose them is rather daunting. If I delete and re-install the app anew, will my old recipes be automatically recovered (or still in storage and accessible) Will I be able to download more new recipes?
  • Great app! But...

    By kbhurst75
    Could you add a Low Carb option to the categories? That would make it perfect!!