Bubble Mix 3 in 1 Plus

Bubble Mix 3 in 1 Plus

By nerByte GmbH

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2011-03-22
  • Current Version: 1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 2.46 MB
  • Developer: nerByte GmbH
  • Compatibility: Requires Android / iOS 10.6 or later.
Score: 3
From 31 Ratings


★ ★ ★ ★ Now available on iPad App Store !! ★ ★ ★ ★ The best 3 Bubble Apps for the iPhone AppStore are now available for the Mac Appstore! ★ Bubble Shooter ★ Bubble Exploded ★ Bubble Remove ★ ★ ★ Bubble Shooter ★ ★ ★ Bubble Shooter s a very funny, fast paced and challenging interactive shooting game that allows you to shoot bubbles to make a cluster of three or more. As long as three or more bubbles of the same color are touching after the player shoots the loaded pointer bubble, it clears the cluster and earns points. Bubble Shooter encourages you to "think" and "strategize" before you shoot in order to clear the board. Each level progressively gets more challenging. The Drop gets faster and additional colored bubbles appear. ★ ★ ★ Bubble Remove ★ ★ ★ How high you can score by removing colored balls from the screen? Tapping on clusters of the same colored ball removes them. The more balls in the cluster, the more points you receive. ★ ★ ★ Bubble Invasion ★ ★ ★ Remove colored balls from the screen! Tapping on clusters of the same colored ball removes them. The more balls in the cluster, the more points you receive. But if the bubbles reach the top you loose... ★ ★ ★ Features ★ ★ ★ ★ Chain reaction bubble Explosions ★ Bonus for exploding bubble groups ★ Local highscore ★ Online highscore ★ Facebook ★ Five beautiful colored Bubbles ★ Bubbles with two colors ★ A pause feature ★ Adorable sounds. The player can choose to have the sound on or off ★ Shooter mode including 10 levels or endless ner Brothers hope you enjoy the game :)




  • How to install...

    By Not drunk enough to buy
    Go to applications, scroll down to open in finder, right click on bullbe mix 3 in 1, delete, and then install again from the app store. Of course the developer should fix their own issues… :\
  • Wont up date

    i have tried so many times to up date this, now how do i delete it?
  • Downloading Error - Do not buy!!!

    By Clevvo
    When is Apple going to pull this App from the App Store? The App does not download at all - It's now three months I am still getting errors when I try to download or update this App. Everyone, please ignore this App, it's a complete waste of time and money becuase you won't be able to download the file.

    By angrrrrybuyer21
    This was a waste of money! I can't even update the app..Fix this please! It's been months now..
  • Bug fixes with v2.1

    By RockDok
    Yes, you did it! You fixed the bug!! It works GREAT now!! It's a wonderful bug - hash error. C'mon NER Brothers, it been a couple of weeks, is this not that easy to fix? This a very entertaining game. Glad it still works with current bugs. And a fix would be appreciated.
  • Not updating

    By Musician198
    The game downloads to about 90% and then starts from zero and repeats and then says hash mismatch please fix.
  • good game, but update not working

    By kyblue
    same thing as those trying to download. I have Lion, but the update tries to load like 8 times then says some hash tag error crap. Needs fixin'.
  • doesn't download

    By lem-cal
    fix this it doesn't download it gets 99% then it gets back to zero an so forth the application could not be downloaded hash mismatch fix or my money back
  • Same issue - App Not Installing.

    By CHC2
    It gets 90% through the download then cycles again, and ends up with a hash error?
  • ..there was an update in here..?

    By VerbalVenom
    *Review for Update 1.1* Everything I said in my original review still holds true after the 'update'. The game is still enjoyable, and still has the same 'Issues/bugs'. Although some of my listed 'Issues/bugs' are personal preference, others, such as: 1. The ending high score box dialog, and 2. Blocked bubbles are NOT personal preferences, and could use a fix. --------------------------------- *Original Review: March 30, 2011* Bubble Mix 3 in 1 certainly has the best of the various 'Bubble' games I've tried from the app store, and 'Shooter' reminds me of Snood, a game I used to play on the computer all day! *'Invasion' & 'Remove' are straightforward enough. 'Invasion' drops more bubbles as you pop, in 'Remove' you pop bubbles. *'Shooter' is VERY well done in terms of the cannon's accuracy, and it's really fun to fit the bubbles into a tough space by banking off the walls. If you ever played and liked Snood, you'll be pretty pleased with this. - Changes I'd like to see in 'Shooter', would include the cannon moving with the action of your mouse. Currently, the only way to do that is by clicking and holding while moving the cannon, then releasing to shoot. Otherwise, the cannon shoots by a mouse click, but doesn't move until you click. I'd also love to see a version of Shooter where there are levels of stationary bubbles to pop, instead of only having the option of a continuous bubble stream. Issues/bugs: ***At the end of each game, a high score box pops up. Clicking the Local option will close the box. Clicking the Global option opens a page in your browser. Every. Time. This is WILDLY IRRITATING.*** *The popping sound gets louder based on the number of bubbles popped at once. More bubbles, louder pop. Annoying. *An option to hear the sound without the music would be VERY appreciated as well. *The scroll icon which shows your current level's score actually blocks parts of a few bubbles in both 'Invasion' & 'Remove modes.