Articulation Station

Articulation Station

By Little Bee Speech

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2011-11-17
  • Current Version: 2.2.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 408.30 MB
  • Developer: Little Bee Speech
  • Compatibility: Requires Android / iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 4
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"I knew I had a winner when I used Articulation Station with my kids, the parents saw how much fun it was, and bought it immediately for home practice!" -Sherry Artemenko, SLP **Note** The P sound program comes free with this download. Additional sound programs can be purchased from within the app as needed. Download the best articulation app on the App Store and learn how to pronounce and practice the consonantal sounds in the English language with 6 fantastic and engaging articulation activities! 

Created by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, Articulation Station is a full featured articulation application to help children as well as adults learn to speak and pronounce their sounds more clearly. Beautiful high quality images represent target words to be practiced in fun-filled activities with the assistance of a Speech-Language Pathologist, teacher or parent. 

Articulation Station is the only articulation application offering practice at the WORD, PHRASE, SENTENCE and STORY levels all in one app! These activities are so fun your kids will love practicing their sounds and forget they are actually "working" on their articulation. 

 Each of the 22 sound programs target sounds in the initial, medial and final positions of words, sentences and stories. The majority of sounds (p,b,m,d,n,t,k,g,f,v,ch,j,z,sh,th) have 60 target words each. The l,r and s sound programs target blends as well. Additionally the r sound program has ALL the vocalic r's! 

 - Quick tips for teaching each sound - 20 target words per sound position (initial, medial, final)
 - Beautiful high quality images - Create custom word lists - Shuffle multiple sounds - Flashcard activity
 - Matching activity
 - Rotating Sentences (like carrier phrases)
 - Unique Sentences 
- Level 1 stories with picture prompts and comprehension questions - Level 2 stories with comprehension questions 
- In depth Scoring and data tracking for each child/student - Student profiles - Group sessions (Up to 6 students at one time!) 
- Voice recording and playback feature for monitoring responses - Save audio recordings - Backup and restore your data When ALL SOUNDS have been purchased: - ADD YOUR OWN IMAGES! - Over 1,200 target words - 96 Rotating Sentences - Over 1300 Unique Sentences - 96 Level 1 stories - 96 Level 2 stories 


Beautiful, easy to interpret, real life images with audio reinforcement.  MATCHING GAME 
Exciting matching game that will keep everyone entertained!

 Fixed sentence loaded with target sounds and paired with rotating target words. UNIQUE SENTENCES
 A new sentence for every target word with an average of three target sounds per sentence. LEVEL 1 STORIES 
Short, silly rhymes for each sound position with multiple target words, pictures and comprehension questions. LEVEL 2 STORIES 
Short, creative stories for each sound position with multiple target words and comprehension questions.

 We hope you enjoy using Articulation Station. Please take a quick moment to rate the app and share your experience with others. Your input is much appreciated!




  • Best tool for a school SLP

    By Llcul
    This app has changed the way I do therapy. It makes tracking data so easy. Love it
  • Fantastic

    By Coleyankees123
    Great app! Pictures are clear and the students love the matching game.
  • Great app for speech therapy

    By Losadayas
    Used this to help my son with his speech therapy
  • Good but some pics inappropriate

    By splangpath
    I like this app but there is a photo of a hunter with a rifle under the section for medial /t/. Photos with guns are not appropriate for kids in school setting. The item can be deselected but there does not seem to be a way to permanently omit the unwanted picture.
  • A must have!

    By LisabCT
    This is a portable tool you have to have in your wheelhouse! Love it for regular therapy and as a quick go-to screening tool. Can't wait to try the evaluation tool!
  • Best App We Have Ever Used for Our Two Children w/ Apraxia & Autism!

    This App is incredible! We were looking around for top rated apps and accidentally stumbled onto this one. Our son has barely spoken any intelligible words, he's going on four, and this app helped engage him immediately. I yelled for my husband to see what was happening before my eyes, because it was amazing to hear him talk. I started off with the letter "P" and he was having so much fun with the way the app was set up. You see the picture, it enunciates the word, and your child has to say it before swiping it. It was almost like a really fun game to him and we got some shockingly amazing results. I kinda exhausted the app with he and his brother, gave them treats and they asked for it as a reward. Um, no complaints here! 😊 Our toddler is apart of many speech therapy programs here in Utah and all of the therapists were astonished with what he had learned from this app. We took his iPad to all three sessions last week just so they could potentially use it as a tool themselves, since we got some immediate, great results. We also had to get a review of our son's diagnosis, and they were unsure of Apraxia. I mean, how can an app spark that much language? I cannot say enough great things about this app and some great thought went into it. Many thanks to the creators!
  • Great, but one flaw

    By callalily1
    I love this app! The students love it, too. I have the Pro version, and it covers all sounds in all positions. My only problem is that for medial /t/ is, "Hunter." It's a real life picture of a man in hunting clothes pointing a rifle. I didn't know this was there, so my students saw this picture and were, at the very least, taken aback. I wish they would remove this image.
  • Too expensive!

    By wookieelegs
    I think this could be a great app for my son, but I ultimately deleted it because you have to purchase each letter! Why not sell the entire app for $5.99? I think more people would purchase it in the long run.
  • Best Articulation App

    By Meryl C
    This app is by far the most comprehensive and thorough app on the market as all word positions for sounds are covered and in phrases and sentences. Kids love to match and spin and its colorful and fun too.
  • Good Quality But Content May Not Be Suitable for All Audiences

    By SouthernBelleinMD
    Overall this is a very high quality app and has gotten a lot of us in our house, however I do have some reservations with recommending it. I will say though that my two-year-old daughter plays with it quite frequently. She has learned so much and is much more communicative because of it. I like that she is learning and engaged while using it. The app is very clean and professional in appearance. It is also easy to use. My only critique is content-wise. There are many cards which I would prefer that my children not see such as candy, doughnuts, cookies, cake, soft drinks, etc. Whose idea was it to have an app for kids with multiple pictures of junk food throughout? There are also cards that I do not want to see such as giant harry spiders, the creepy “face”, and the larger-than-life cockroach. In addition to the cards I mentioned above, there are many cards that some people will find inappropriate for some audiences. I’m referring to things like “witch”, “ghost”, “zodiac”, “Zeus”, etc. We do not do mythology or astrology in our house, and I really did not appreciate having to explain these things that were introduced to my daughter. For a work-around, you can hide these words during an individual session, but this is kind of a pain because you have to reset the hidden settings every single time that you play. And my daughter initiates use of this app on her own and does not activate the custom list. If there were a way to permanently delete select cards, or at the very least have them not show up by default, then this app would be a five-star app! Until then though, it gets an "OK" rating as I would only recommend this for select audiences. A final note: I made this mistake-- if you upgrade to pro in the app, you are NOT getting the full pro version. If you want the full pro version, you have to get the actual pro app, which is a seperate purchase. UPDATE: It was pointed out to me by one of the developers that the content of the actual pro app is the same as the content in the upgrade to pro in the original version. The difference is that the original version does not have the "pro" in the logo in the bottom corner and the original version is not able to be upgraded to the bundle in iTunes. So if you like the free version of the app and are considering upgrading, my recommendation is not to buy the upgrade to pro in the original version but to buy the stand alone pro app so that you don't run into any issues. And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the support staff. They care deeply about putting together a quality app and are very responsive.