Night Sky

Night Sky

By iCandi Apps

  • Category: Reference
  • Release Date: 2011-11-01
  • Current Version: 6.3.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 580.79 MB
  • Developer: iCandi Apps
  • Compatibility: Requires Android / iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 105,625 Ratings


Night Sky is a powerful AR personal planetarium. Quickly identify stars, planets, constellations and satellites above by simply holding your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch to the Night Sky!  This is all done magically.  Whether you’re looking for a constellation or the International Space Station, let Night Sky direct you to it, then explore the object in AR! FEATURE SET: - NEW - AR OBJECT EXPLORATION - Pull Planets, Stars and Constellations out of the sky and look at them in AR! In Night Sky 6 we’ve enabled the ability to pull celestial objects out of the sky! The Object Exploration screen then creates a 3D object centre for you to explore in more detail. From here get detailed data, add a Siri Shortcut to the object and even share the object via iMessage etc... with USDZ! When you’re done just throw the object back into the Night Sky! - NEW - NIGHT SKY SIRI SHORTCUTS - “Hey Siri, show me where the International Space Station is!”… with iOS 12 create a Siri Shortcut, then just ask Siri where any planet or even the ISS is, and Night Sky will direct you to it! - NEW - AR GLASS CONSTELLATIONS WITH STAR DEPTH - Night Sky 6 brings all new even more detailed Glass Constellation models! Pull your favorite constellation from the sky and see it in 3D enabling you to see the depth and distance of the stars behind it! - NEW - AR PLANETARY PORTALS (Premium Feature) - Step onto the surface of other planets by placing AR portals around your room! AR Portals also support shared experiences and persistence with ARKIt 2.0! - NEW - PLANETARIUM VISITS - Find your nearest local planetarium from the new Planetarium feature. When visiting hold your device to any model or image of a planet and get instant access to a 3D model and more information on the object just like magic! - AR GRAND ORRERY (Premium Feature) : With iOS 12 bring the Solar System into your home or classroom with the Grand Orrery feature and share the experience with other devices! Use augmented reality to walk around the entire solar system, manipulating time and space with your fingertips! A super powerful and super magical experience, only possible with Night Sky and iOS 12! - NIGHT SKY TOURS (Premium Feature): Get a live tour or create your own tours for any location and time in the world! Just drop a pin on the world map, and Night Sky will generate a Sky Tour for that location and save it into My Tours for quick and easy access. Be sure to create a tour for your favorite camp site, and next summer vacation! Your tours are then synced via iCloud to view with Night Sky on tvOS and vice versa! - MY SKY NOTIFICATIONS - Completely customize your notifications in Night Sky. Favorite any object from satellites to constellations, and be informed when that object is rising for your current location. Rich notifications appear on your iOS device with beautiful animations. You’ll always be aware when your favorite celestial objects are about to rise! - POWERFUL SKY VIEW:  Identify every celestial object, deep sky objects, beautiful Glass Constellations, Light Spectrum vision with mesmerising visuals, two finger gesture to increase or decrease Light Pollution, & seamless multilayered animated 3D models.  - AR ON APPLE WATCH:  We have brought AR to Apple Watch. Simply raise your wrist to the sky to quickly identify stars, planets and constellations! - + MANY MORE FEATURES! Optional Night Sky Premium is available for $1.99/month or $9.99/year. You can subscribe and pay through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can manage your subscriptions by entering the user settings in iTunes after the purchase. Auto-renew may also be turned off from here. Privacy policy: Terms and conditions:




  • Does Not Honor Notification Preferences

    By Brent Billings
    I set almost all of the notifications to off, and yet I’m still getting pushes for stuff I don’t want. I double checked and they are set to off. This is already a borderline scammy/pushy app, and this behavior shows they don’t care about their users as long as they make a buck.
  • Awesome, but...

    By SuperSonico421
    This app is awesome. It looks great and provides even more info than the Sky Guide app which I also have. But my main issue with this app is simply the fact that I can’t use it for 5 minutes without getting a full screen pop-up BEGGING me to pay monthly for the premium membership at least 10 times. It’s so annoying. I can understand the pop-up coming up once or twice when you first use the app, but for it to continuously pop up multiple times during use is so annoying, and makes the app somewhat annoying/difficult to use. You don’t need to pay money for any “premium” features, when the app pretty much already gives you what you want for free.
  • Has potential......

    By nerdallaround
    However, I downloaded it 4 times and I it was ok when I first opened it ( after the download), but then it kept crashing and freezing up. Even when I pick “Always” on the location settings( which I never do for any app), and turn the ISS and Iridium notifications off it still crashes and freezes. Does it want me to pick the premium thing? I don’t want to though!!! I don’t want to do the FREE trial!!!! That means I don’t want to do the premium thing if I don’t want to try the FREE trial!!!! I’m supposed to have a choice in this, right?!?! Developers, if you fix this, then I WILL give this a five star review. The one thing I haven’t tried is to “Use Night Sky Recommended” notifications settings. I might try that. If you have any other suggestions please share.
  • Bad experience with customer support

    By HenryDud1111
    I had downloaded the free “Night Sky” app quite a while ago and I liked it. Out of the blue I get this email thanking me for downloading the new “Night Sky” and how just deleting the app would not cancel any subscription and links were provided in the email to cancel any subscription. Being that I was extremely confused by the email I notified iCandi customer support. Hoping to confirm that the email was legit and check on the subscription. They sent me the exact same email back! I explained to them in another email that I did in fact contact Apple to verify any subscription information but that I wanted to just confirm they (iCandi)were the actual senders of the email and that it wasn’t a scam because I had endured such before. They came back without confirming or denying sending any emails to me and told me to contact Apple regarding any subscription and that they would no longer be responding to my emails! I will admit my response to them at this point was less than pleasant as I felt they refused to step up and take responsibility for anything and simply took the stance it wasn’t “their job” more or less! I simply wanted confirmation that they in fact sent the email nothing about the subscription but they couldn’t be bothered assisting me with this matter. I have been in contact with Apple regarding the rude, dismissive attitude of the iCandi customer service and have deleted all iCandi apps I may have had! I like the app but the customer service stinks! I wanted to reading other reviews, I noticed the same exact responses to others reviewers as were in the emails I was sent meaning they obviously they just have a form letter type response. Real nice!
  • Damaged my battery

    By Skinny Pancakes
    I tried using the app, which works quite well. But during use, it cause my iPhone to randomly shut down. When I powered back on, I was informed that my batteries performance degraded and a throttling mode has been activated.
  • This App Is Great

    By Trashyowls
    Aside from using it to help out with photography, it makes me extremely happy to get a notification twice a day that says “Uranus is rising now”
  • I don’t want to subscribe

    By Rothiri
    I love the app but now every time I zoom out from viewing something I get a pop up asking to subscribe and I have scroll to the bottom of the long page to say no thank you - making the app a pain to use - time to find something else
  • Great app

    By RynoAvi
    Love the app
  • Sub scription

    By UmenoHana
    I h8 the subscription model. Nice app. But not worth a subscription.
  • Probably the coolest app

    By Tayvio
    Just downloaded this app because it is not very often that I get to see the stars but this app makes it 1000 times more enjoyable! Makes you feel so connected to all of the previous inhabitants of the earth.