The Beginner's Bible

The Beginner's Bible

By HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc.

Score: 4.5
From 752 Ratings


The bestselling Bible storybook of all time with over 6 million copies sold is now available in an iPad app that includes enhanced audio with compelling narration, music, and sound effects that help bring 94 Bible stories to life like never before. With Bible characters you can touch, coloring pages, puzzles, and games, this special iPad edition of The Beginner’s Bible brings God’s Word to children ages 2-6 in an engaging and interactive way. The first “Story Pack”, which includes 6 stories, coloring pages, puzzles, and game, is included in your app download, completely FREE! Unlock all story packs of 6 Bible stories each with coloring pages, puzzles, and games with in-app purchases of only $1.99 each. What people are saying: Craig Groeschel, pastor of said, “I was blown away by The Beginner’s Bible App. This app provides a fun way for kids to interact with the Bible using technology that they can relate to.” Well Connected Mom had this to say… Lori Cunningham, founder of said, “The Beginner’s Bible app makes favorite childhood stories come alive in a new way for kids.” Visit to see a video of The Beginner’s Bible app for iPad.




  • Can be great with a few updates

    By Aliyah's Mama
    This app has so much opportunity to be great unfortunately it does crash when coloring pages are opened. After closing and reopening the app, deleting and reinstalling again, the app still would crash. I thought maybe if I purchased the app all this would stop and it wouldn’t hurt if it meant fixing the problem and my kids gaining more activities although that was not the case. Also the app mentioned that it supported family sharing, meaning I would only have to purchase it once for both my kids and that wasn't the case either. So now if I want both my kids to have the app I will need to pay another $20 which I think it absolutely ridiculous. Like I said it can be great but needs some updates. I would not recommend paying for this app.
  • Great Bible App for Toddlers

    By Flippix Texas
    My boys love this app. They look forward to the Bible story every night. They love the interactive pictures and the activity that accompanies each story. But I have this against you. Update your software. The coloring pages make it crash and my kids like doing those. As the iOS updates you should too. I’ve paid money for something that crashes. Not cool. Be as the Bible says and do the best you can. Also unequal weights and measures are just wrong.
  • Refund please, color not working.

    By coolclakr84
    Coloring is not working on the new and latest ipad. App keeps crashing. I have rebooted, and reinstalled and same results. Please refund me ASAP. Thank you
  • Don’t buy, hasn’t been update in 4 yrs¡

    By Sjdm1315
    This app is expensive. Unfortunately you can’t get a return after 90 days. The biggest problem is when you go to the latest iOS, this app. makes your iPad crash. The whole iPad to the point that it restarts the ipad and more. This app had us get a new iPad because even if you delete the app the crashes continues. I would suggest that the developer update the app and I will remove the 1 star and the bad review.
  • Almost great isn’t great.

    By Junie Bear
    I loved the reading portion as well as the puzzles, however, every time my child opens the coloring pages the entire app closes. I paid for the entire bundle so I expect my entire “bundle” to work, coloring pages included. I look forward to hearing from someone soon. Thank you.
  • Coloring is broken

    By redpad2000
    The stories are great but the coloring pages have some sort of bug and immediately shut down the app when you try to color any of the shapes.
  • If all of it would work

    By Lanier and Eme
    I gave it only 3 stars because when I go to use the coloring page in the app I tap on a color and go to put it on a piece of the coloring page and the app closes. I bought it so that my grandson could listen to the stories and then play. But I’m just not liking it. I hope the developers of the game site read this because right now it’s not worth the $19.99 I paid for it. If it gets fixed I would love to give it 5 stars.
  • Great app but...

    By ElectroChickens
    It is a wonderful app that interacts with kids but the coloring part doesn’t seem to work. I keep having issues of the app closing itself when you tap to color the pictures tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it keeps doing the same thing. Do I have to pay for it so it stops doing that
  • Needs to be updated

    By Bootsy Wooble
    Need to be updated to current OS
  • Puzzles and coloring need more options

    By Kryssygyrl
    I think this is probably one of the best children’s Bible apps out there. My four-year-old is doing 24 piece puzzles And she loves to color. I could encourage her to go through an entire story and do a puzzle or color after but there should be an option to make the puzzles more pieces like another puzzle apps and also there should be more coloring options. Like more colors or when you just touch something like a cloud and the whole thing fills up in the color they want. That’s all if you can make the puzzles bigger (or select how many pieces) and offer more colors I would purchase full version. Plus that first game was terrible with the Apple. I could just see her getting really bored with that.