The World Ends with You: Solo Remix

The World Ends with You: Solo Remix


  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2012-08-27
  • Current Version: 1.2.4
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 2.48 GB
  • Developer: SQUARE ENIX INC
  • Compatibility: Requires Android / iOS 5.1.1 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 2,819 Ratings


SUPPORTED DEVICES iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone6 plus and 5th generation iPod touch (excluding 16 GB models). iOS 5.1.1 or later is required. Square Enix's fresh-faced hit The New York Times called “one of the best role playing games ever designed for anything” has busted onto iOS in a big way, with a slick and addictive new combat system, eye-popping HD art, and (of course) plenty of zetta awesome reasons for longtime fans to double dip. Arm yourself with psychic superpowers and battle your way through a 7-day gauntlet of action: the Reaper’s Game. THE SETUP ------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Shibuya, a mishmash of attitudes and styles in the heart of Tokyo. A boy named Neku wakes up in a crowded intersection, alone and unaware of how he got there. Then, he receives a weird text: “Clear this mission...or face erasure.” With that, Neku is thrust into a life-or-death Game that sends him scrambling down streets paved with one riddle after another... What is the Reaper’s Game? Why is Neku a Player, and what is he playing for? Will the Game really end if he survives all 7 days? Another mystery is always around the corner. THE PAYOFF ------------------------------------------------- - Intuitive, addictive combat with a twist Activate your combat abilities, or “psychs,” with simple touch commands like tapping, slashing, and dragging. Comfy with that? Control Neku and his Game partner on the same screen and take the combat up a notch. Like loot? Boost your item drops in battle with the revamped Fusion system. - Deep replay value Finish the main story to unlock a hilarious bonus chapter, more quests and items to find, new combat challenges, and secret reports that flesh out the story even more. - Explore a living, breathing city Neku’s sprawling world is based on the real-life Shibuya in Tokyo. Visit real locations and absorb some real Japanese culture through a hip fantasy lens. - Redrawn art and Retina display support Enjoy the game in full HD on your Retina-enabled iPhone 4 or later device. Art and animation across the game has been redrawn just for this release, making combat a beautiful experience. This is how all 2D classics should look. - The ultimate soundtrack: 60 songs Composer Takeharu Ishimoto’s complete, sonically sublime soundtrack is included right in the game with high-quality audio and full vocals, including remixes and new songs. THE VERDICT ------------------------------------------------- Praise for the original The World Ends with You: “Compelling and immaculately presented...from start to finish” – Gamespot “Nails just about everything it tries – and it tries quite a lot” – IGN AU “Full of mysteries and surprises, interesting characters” – The New York Times “A compelling risk/reward system that...amply blesses the daring” – 1UP “Ice-cool artwork...impossibly catchy soundtrack” – Eurogamer “Games rarely have things this interesting to say” – G4TV DS Best RPG/Best Story/Best New IP and DS Game of the Year – IGN




  • IPHONE X SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!

    By animuknight
  • Needs iOS 11 update

    By user pkmnpal
    Great game so far, but I noticed the sound cuts off a lot. Needs a iOS 11 update and a iPhone X support.
  • Nostalgic but Imperfect

    By BatmanxCatwoman
    I bought this game when it first came out for the DS years ago and was ecstatic when I found out this was released for mobile. The story elements are all the same and they revamped the fighting to be better suited for one screen. The graphics are slightly improved from 8-bit to a smoother appearance. HOWEVER. This mobile port is not without its annoyances: when I first started the game, none of the extra sound effects (voice exclamations during scenes and fighting, the little “tick” noise after text bubbles) disappeared. I’d close out the app and open it up again and 1 of 3 things could happen at any given restart: the voice acting and extra sound effects were restored, or they were not, or the voice acting was there and the background music was not. If the music and characters weren’t such an integral part of this gameplay experience, this wouldn’t bother me, but alas, they are. Sometimes push notifications from my other apps will pop up and I accidentally leave this game, resulting in the same glitches when I come back. Pile this on with the autosave feature and sometimes there are whole cutscenes I’ll have to repeat again. Additional gameplay bug: Neku is supposed to have a dodge feature when you swipe over him during a fight, but this often registers as a pin attack and I often get attacked instead of dodging like I wanted. This last complaint isn’t that bad considering this was somewhat of a problem in the DS version too, however. All in all, I’d say this revamp of one of my all time favorite games is still worth it and fun to play. But you’ll need some serious patience when the music and sound effects can’t keep up.
  • Big fix...

    By Ifhihceiifbhifhid
    Great game, love the gameplay and the soundtrack. I just wish I could hear it, due to the voices being sped up and glitchy. Please fix it.
  • Amazing game and all

    By Neku57
    Heya, can you guys update the app for IOS 11 please? TWEWY is one of the reasons I'm not updating to IOS 11. One of the best games ever
  • iPhone X update?

    By Aeondragon
    I love this game a lot, and I’d like to play it on my new iPhone X. When do you think you’ll be updating it for the new screen?
  • Ds vs solo

    By Khfan1109
    I will always like the ds version, but the mobile is better in the fact the you don't control 2 characters at once. I could never get around that, so I always had the CPU takeover at the start of battle. I'm glad they changed that in this version.
  • One of the best mobile games I've played

    By ccook01
    Great game, combat, story. Super unique setting, memorable characters. Great replay value!
  • Wish I can give more stars

    By Hak0oo
    Great job porting a double screen game (Nin DS) to a single screen. It works well with iphone. -Story is great -Cast is great -Voice acting isn't bad at all -Unique abilities and equipment. -Great Japanese punk and hip hop style. -Music is catchy -Expensive but worth every penny. I don't write reviews ever and this is my first, this game is that fun and likable.
  • No music/volume

    By Be Wong
    Love this game! Had it on the DS and was looking forward to reliving this storyline only to be ultimately disappointed with no music or volume! That's what really makes this game great! Please fix so I can get back to playing this game the right way. iOS: 10.3.3 Game: 1.2.4