Pastor Reader

Pastor Reader


  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2012-08-04
  • Current Version: 1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 710.00 kB
  • Developer:
  • Compatibility: Requires Android / iOS 11.2 or later.
Score: 2
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Take your personal data from the Pastor desktop app with you on your iPhone or iPad. Your data is protected by Apple's state-of-the-art 256-bit AES software and hardware encryption. Supports FaceID and TouchID. Note: Requires setting an iPhone or iPad device passcode.




  • Cannot actually read a Pastor file

    By Nem
    I have my Pastor file in Dropbox for easy sharing between devices, but this app cannot actually read a Pastor file. You could do an export from Pastor (required for this app) and just save the export in Dropbox and just look at it with a text viewer. No security with this app.
  • Really Great App

    By Gramm3r
    I’ve been using the desktop version for years now! It’s been my go-to app for holding my passwords, as it’s easy, convenient and simple to use. I was pretty surprised to see the mobile app, so I decided to give it a try and it’s been great so far! Like the desktop app, it’s super simple to use. I do agree with JTdesign that the security on the app is none. You can open it just like Safari or iMessage…no password needed, which is a little counterintuitive. Since I downloaded the mobile app, I changed the password on my iPhone lock to 18 characters, so no one should be able to get into my phone and access these passwords. Improvements - make it wireless. Every time you make a change or add a password on the desktop app, you have to plug in your phone and sync it with the mobile version in order to update it. I would also recommend being able to use the mobile version to add passwords. Right now, you can only add passwords on the desktop version, not the mobile version. I still love the app, but there are a few improvements that should be made. Still worth my $1.99.
  • Ironically, it needs a password

    By JTdesign
    I love the desktop app, so I was pleased to find the iPhone version. Pros: Inexpensive, simple, easy to use. Cons: Ironically, it needs to have better security. No password is currently required when you open the app. Secondly, you currently have to export a file from the desktop app and manually sync it with iTunes in order to give the iOS app access to the data. It would be great if there were some way that the iOS and desktop app could sync with themselves.
  • Where is the password?!

    By B_Campioni
    An app of this kind MUST be more secure. I know that is only a reader, but it would be great if we could add and edit information in it. So, I’m not a developer, but I think the Pastor app could open an Pastor file natively… (.pastor) I won’t delete this app from my iphone because I hope you gonna fix it! tnks
  • Always good app.

    By wdspd
    No security? OK, you can keep the file with other files and folders in the AIR SHARING'S application (iTune store $8.99) folder on your desktop computer. Then you can sync the files and folders between the desktop and mobile devices and turn on password for Air Sharing on your mobile devices in settings .

    By bohalloran
    I have discussed this with the developer. The security that is used is based on the user using the Apple passcode security for the device. While this is good security for the device, once access is gained or if one chooses not to use the Apple passcode security, then data is wide open for anyone to have access. All this app does is open a cleartext document in a readable fashion. Here is how one must use the app. D/L passport reader from the iTunes store. $1.99 cost. Open pastor on the mac d/t, open your pastor file, do a "save as clear text". Save the file to the d/t as pastorexport.tsv. Open iTunes, click on the apps tab, go down to the sharing section, highlight pastor, then click on add, navigate to the .tsv file you saved on the d/t, sync your device with the mac, you must be connected with the cable. Go to the pastor reader app on the device, click on it and you should be able to read the data. Now for the really poor part. You can only make changes in the mac pastor version. Then guess what. You get to start all over again by saving as clear text, opening iTunes, do all the steps as before. You must do this every time there is a change to your pastor data. What is needed is an actual iOS version of the d/t version so you get access to the same pastor file as the mac app version does. I use dropbox which works great with the mac version and my mac mini and MBP. I was wanting a version for the iPhone that does the same thing, but what is offered is cripple ware. Not good.
  • i bought this with the hopes of an update in mind

    By Magister418
    app asks you to export a file called pastor export.tsv, which you then drag into iTunes so pastor on iPhone can read it. this tsv file is clear text- an obvious, gaping security hole the other things written by previous reviewers is mainly correct- i hope this app is updated later with these types of considerations in mind.
  • Please fix! We all want to use it!

    By secedenyc
    If really like to use this on my phone. Previously, I'd export a text file out of the Pastor desktop app, re-format, and save as an encrypted PDF in Pages so I could have a way to look up some long forgotten login. When I saw the iOS version, I was so excited, I didn't read the reviews highlighting the lack of security. To the Developer, please at security feature to app. I completely rely on Pastor on my Mac and would like an iPhone versionI can trust too. I'd even pay for an upgrade with fixed password and no strict naming convention for tsv file on import. Thanks for the effort so far though!
  • A real let down, but they can fix it!

    By Bkwalker24
    I have used Pastor on the Mac for years and love it, I will continue to use it. That is why I paid the $1.99 and downloaded this as soon as I saw it was available. Sadly, I will not be using it on my iPhone yet, the lack of encryption on the phone itself is a large drawback. If I lost my phone, the 4 digit lock code on the phone would be easy to crack and then all of my Pastor data would be out there for anyone to see. If this app did have the proper security, I would use it, but it needs to be updated on all devices as it changes. Dropbox integration would be perfect. Due to the fact that the desktop version is fully encrypted, I keep the file in my Dropbox and can always access the most up to date version from any of my devices. My suggestion to the developers, allow this app to open standard desktop Pastor files that are stored in the cloud (Dropbox is great) and that should fix your encryption problem and allow users to access the same data as is stored on their desktops at any time. I look forward to the updated version that I can actually use. Please keep working on it, I will get my whole family and many of my friends to purchase it once it is ready for mainstream.
  • Want to have Pastor data on my iPad, but...

    By Bigsplash2
    I, too, am a huge fan of Pastor on my Mac. And like those who have expressed their happiness that Pastor Reader exists for their iPad/iPhone, that this app does not employ password of its own to the access the sensitive data inside, is its BIG shortcoming. Please Markus, give Pastor Reader solid password protection for launch capability ASAP!