MemoryMaster for Anesthetists

MemoryMaster for Anesthetists

By Valley Anesthesia, Inc.

  • Category: Medical
  • Release Date: 2012-08-07
  • Current Version: 3.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 20.20 MB
  • Developer: Valley Anesthesia, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires Android / iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 19 Ratings


Studying for boards on the go has never been this easy! The leading National Certifying Exam preparation resource from Valley Anesthesia with more than 4,000 question and answers is available for your iPhone and iPad. Prepared by anesthesia professionals and continually updated over the last 25 years, MemoryMaster is the key resource to ensure certification exam success and progress your professional career. MemoryMaster is a collection of over 4,000 questions and answers designed to facilitate the memorization and understanding of a large body of anesthesia-related facts, concepts, and issues. MemoryMaster content is categorized according to the Content Outline provided by the National Board of Certification and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA). MemoryMaster content areas are: I. Basic and Related Clinical Sciences II. Equipment, Instrumentation & Technology III. Basic Principles of Anesthesia IV. Advanced Principles of Anesthesia




  • Not worth the price

    By PR Unsatisfied
    This database of over 4000 questions is helpful for review. However a great majority of the questions, the sources are from 1990s or early 2000s. Not worth the price. Would ask for a refund if possible.
  • Limited and a touch out dated

    By DavidJewell77
    Would be nice to see multiple choice options and textbook specific questions. Many of the references are from older textbook editions. Otherwise the app is just ok for what you have to pay. Worth $50 not $200
  • App crashed

    By Inimica
    I love the app itself. It makes studying on the go so much nicer, whenever you have a few minutes of downtime you can just go straight to a few questions without carrying a big heavy book around. However, I am highly annoyed by the app crashing all the time now (even after the update from 1/31)-I have to reinstall it and my progress on my flash cards is lost! Paying $200 this shouldn't happen-fix this please!
  • Used this for 2 years in school and 1 year as a CRNA

    By Jhhbsjdbdixbdjdbdjx
    The app is great to have! I had the hard copy of memory master and used that as well but became very familiar with location of the concepts which was very helpful to know while using the app. Would be very hard to know exactly where something is located of you didn't already know which was much easier to find in the hard copy of the memory master. I like the app and would use it at times when I was paired with a CRNA and we would go through questions- even the CRNA's got interested and enjoyed trying to get the answers right. Was also great for on the go learning such as dog park, waiting in line somewhere (time is valuable) and waiting for the delayed case to start. Nice to have when meeting up with a friend and already having a ton of resources in your backpack and couldn't fit anymore. The content is great- in school (before board prep got serious) I would read the assigned chapter for school and try to find the section in memory master that corresponded with it and would quiz myself. I highly suggest using memory master in that way earlier in school than later (for just board prep) after learning a new concept or preparing for the next rotation. Now as a CRNA I have been out for a little over a year- I certainly do not use it nearly as much as I use to while in school but it is very handy to have when you have something you want to look up such as a uncommonly used drug or something you knew at one time but somehow forgot! I give this app 4/5 only because it is not user friendly. No search area which I would have loved in school and would even use from time to time now as a CRNA (max dose of in pharmacology...or wait maybe it's under basic principles under local and regional. Then you finally think you found the section it's under and you have to go through all the flash cards to find it...only to realize it's not there. Having the app is not essential- you will pass everything with out it, but just nice to have it. Before having the app I just bought some 1" loose leaf rings (very cheap) and would take the section I wanted to study that corresponded with my section for school and would just place that in a notebook and take that around with me--did the same thing with the sweat book as well and highly recommend doing that with the sweat book. Good luck to all and your future endeavors! If you add a search button this would be 5/5 stars! :) Also- I read some ones else's suggestion about a bookmark ability to be able to pick up where you left of...I definitely second I said good app just not user friendly.
  • Awesome app with the update!

    By MichaelPomeroy
    The app is great now with the update.
  • Step in the right direction

    By Daveo_7
    Overall better update but now it can't show the images associated with the questions. That's ridiculous I paid $200 for this!
  • good but needs some improvement

    By propofol2013
    It's awesome to hv flashcards on the iPad and/or iPhone however there are some glitches with an app. You can't save all the flashcards that you want to review. The app crashes every time the "review" folder is accessed. Also it would have been great to have separate folders like one is for "must know" and another for "needs review." Also, being able to see the question while reading the answer would be helpful too, otherwise you need to go back and forth for the detailed questions that contain a lot of info. Support team is ok, takes a while to respond, I would give them 5 out of 10.
  • Very useful!

    By HSoukup611
    My only complaint is that the sweat book tells me to look at section IVF01, IVF02 in memory master, yet there is no IVF01, IVF02, or IVF03 in this app! What's up with that??
  • Same as flashcards...just that you never lose or forget them!

    By Anesbill
    After the latest update, I have to give 5 stars! Previously, when you closed out the app, it would reset back to the main menu. Now it starts right where you left off.
  • Reset upset

    By Slackman12000
    This app is great with one exception, it resets all your work. If you mark items to review it resets it with each session.