iCollect Everything

iCollect Everything

By iCollect

  • Category: Reference
  • Release Date: 2018-06-24
  • Current Version: 1.6.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 49.69 MB
  • Developer: iCollect
  • Compatibility: Requires Android / iOS 11.2 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 1,045 Ratings


iCollect Everything is the #1 app on the App Store for managing your collectables or inventory, whether at home, work, or school. This is a Universal app and works on both iPhone and iPad. Scan in or search for any item you own or want and add them to your lists. Full of incredible features! • Manage and inventory any of these FREE collections: - Movies - Books - Video Games - Comic Books - Music - Toy Cars (Hot Wheels) - Bricks (LEGO) - Wine - Coins - Art - Action Figures - Currency - Dolls (Barbie) - Vinyl Figures (Funko) - Board Games - Alcohol - Magazines - Model Trains and Planes - Puzzles - Pins (Disney) - Watches - Customized Collections - and so much more! (see screenshots for more details) • Create any Customized Collectable type you can think of: - Collect Harry Potter stuff? You can create a collectable type for that! - What about sewing patterns? You can do that too. - Sports memorabilia and trading cards? Done. - Disney and other pop culture products and toys? We can help you manage those too. - Vintage Coca-Cola, antiques, music equipment, school classroom inventory, shop tools, posters, anything really.... we can help you manage it with this app. • Loaded with millions of items from around the world in our database. • Full barcode scanning and database search. • Cloud Backup • Sync across multiple devices, including iPad • Supports input in any language and allows selections of any country and currency. • Filters, sorting, and importing. • Three different custom layouts. • Exporting • Multi-level sorting • Shake to Select • Default Field Data • Customize which fields are displayed • Section Counts • Share your collection with friends or on social media like Facebook and Twitter. • Format your Titles with A, An, or The removed. • Extra features like colored Themes and more. • Every field is editable. • Store up to four pictures per item, including front, back, and inside images of items. • Personal details per item including Loaned, Purchase Price, Purchase Date, Date Added, Personal Rating, Last Watched, Storage Location, Opened, Notes, Estimated Value, and more. • Index bars and search for quick access in large collections. This app is a completely new collecting experience, written from the ground with Swift 4, iOS 12, the latest devices like iPhone X, XS, and XS Max, and full Universal iPhone/iPad support built-in. Our app was created with a cloud database backend designed specifically to allow each item to be stored with its own individual attributes. We can import your collection from nearly anywhere: Previous legacy versions of iCollect, Sort It Apps, and Hooked In Motion software, Collectorz, MyMovies, Delicious Library, BookBuddy, and much more. Just send us your import file and we'll get you rolling. Large collections require an in-app purchase per collectable type to unlock unlimited storage.




  • Needs a little work

    The app is not bad, and is one of the few apps that can be set up for a customized collection and it doesn’t box you into specific configurations. A couple of things that need improvement: there is a field limit that is fairly low and it would be more useful with just a few more fields per records and a couple more field types. I wish it had a numeric field other than currency. On the subject of currency, I can’t get estimated value to work at all and there is nothing in the FAQ. It needs to have a setting to not require images, especially in the wish list. The export needs to allow a full database backup, not just a CSV file. I’m assuming images aren’t in the CSV and restoring back to where it was would be hard unless you use the cloud service. Easily an app I would pay a few bucks for, but not a subscription. My understanding is once your collection reaches a certain size you have to pay annually. Not going to happen for me, but I’d pay $10 one time.
  • Not free

    By starlight7775
    It says it is free but when you hit 75 you find out it isn’t. No where in the description does it say anything about paying but it does say free.
  • Pay for every category? New releases not scanning.

    By Sasquatch Wade
    I started scanning in my 4K collection and eventually I received the pop up that I needed to pay $9.99 for unlimited entries. Now I’m scanning in my video games and once again I get the pop up!? I assumed when I paid the $9.99 that would cover everything. Now it says I need to spend an additional $29.99 if I really want unlimited. Not to mention new releases do not scan. Everything has to be manually entered. I’m assuming there isn’t a updated database? Not happy at all with what I thought would be the app I needed for my collection(s).
  • ICollect rocks!

    By Movieman Dan!
    I stumbled on this app by accident and once I started using it I knew it was the app for me. I started scanning in all my DVD/Blu Ray movies and when I hit my free limit of 75 titles I didn’t hesitate to pay the $10 for the whole app! It is awesome! Makes keeping my collection in order! Love it! There have been a few bugs but once I updated the app it seemed to correct the bugs and everything is working great! Highly recommended for anyone with collections for logging and recording!
  • Great app

    By TonyCasella
    I love this app beats using notes to keep track of movies. I do wish the developers would create a quick scan option where you just repeatedly scan barcodes and the movies are automatically added to the collection after scanning. Added each individual movie can be tiresome(650 Blu-ray’s) so a quick scan option would be great!!
  • Great app . . . But not for $30!!

    By Kittymaster34
    I downloaded this app to keep track of a lot of different stuff. I maxed out the “movies” at 75 and the “video games” at 25 already. These are not even anywhere close to what I have in my inventory. Thinking that I would just purchase the “unlimited everything” for $9.99 didn’t seem like too bad of a deal? Wrong!!! To unlock everything, you’re asking for $29.99!??? No way!! I would pay $9.99 but not $30!!!
  • Great app, but should issues

    By JasonHartsoe
    Today I open my app and my lists that I spent literally several hours on are missing and won't load. Your website is also down. I believe keeping our list online only may be a breach of contract with apple in development. You should NOT keep everything online and should store locally to the phone first and should only sync with the online database. This way the lists are available always to the consumer regardless of you're having issues online. If my list doesn't come back I'm going to be highly upset to have paid $10 for something that doesn't work. I hope I haven't wasted my time and money for nothing. Aside from this issue it's a really great app. Suggestions:. I'd like to see the total count of items in the switch menu beside each item. That would also show me what collections I'm using. You should also have this on the right of each group when viewing your list. For example, in video games, the PS4 title above the start of the list....a total there would be nice as well. Another feature I'd like to see is the possibility to switch to list view. Please fix these issues I mentioned above... You have a really great app if it wasn't for this.... You should NEVER keep our list online only. Or unadvisable to us if you're site is unavailable. This is unacceptable. Sync online only.
  • Fee is 9.99

    By jice0383
    The information that seems to be missing from the description is that they do charge a one time fee of 9.99 in order to catalogue anything more than 75 movies, this information would’ve been handy before I started scanning. Great app and features though if your screen goes dark for any reason it will “think” until you force close and reopen
  • Finally! ❤️

    By AshDenAre15
    I was always looking for an app like this and it just randomly showed up as an “ad” on Facebook. life saver!! Annnnnd I always lend out movies and forget who has them but with the app it even has a section to notate it. PERFECT!! *update* I obviously spoke too soon. 😒 my collection is about 200-300 movies and I hit that popular 75 movie limit... I’m not too sure I want pay 10 bucks for extra storage. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Good app but terrible con!

    By Styloidprocess
    I did my 75 movies and then had to pay $9.99 for unlimited items only to find out when I got to my board game list when I hit 20 items the crooked developer wanted another $9.99 for board games. What a croc! $9.99 is a lot to pay for an app. Everything should be included. They want me to pay another $29.99 for unlimited item lists. This was not even offered before I spent my $9.99. This app is a con. Buyer beware. You will go broke trying to catalog more than 1 list.