Out of Milk - Shopping List

Out of Milk - Shopping List

By Bonial Enterprises North America Inc.

Score: 3
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Have you ever returned from grocery shopping and realized you forgot that one item you really needed? Then Out of Milk is the perfect app for you: your Shopping List stays with you everywhere, the Pantry List allows you to keep track of your essentials so that you always know what you have at home, the To-Do list helps you keep track of any other items on your daily list. * What the experts are saying * 'The Out of Milk app is straightforward and offers three main list functions: shopping, pantry and to do.' Wall Street Journal '#1 of Top 25 Apps For Moms' Babble 'Top 10 Most-Used Shopping Apps' Nielsen 'How To Simplify your grocery shopping...' CNET 'Grocery List Apps That Make Shopping, Syncing Lists Simple' Mashable ************* Our Features: ************* • Multiple shopping lists • Save time by grouping items into categories • Easily scan or enter items in your shopping lists • Shopping list history remembers items • Share lists by text or email • Make a To-Do list • Pantry list lets you inventory anything so you always know what's in your pantry • Displays grand total and running total on your shopping list • Access your lists online from anywhere on http://www.outofmilk.com/ ================ Contact Us ================ Have questions or want to give us some feedback? We will help you any way we can through http://support.outofmilk.com/




  • Great Shopping App

    By Sheyski
    I have been using this app for several years on both an iPhone and Samsung phone. It’s simple to use and manage. A recent release duplicated my categories which was frustrating but it was easy to cleanup in a few minutes. I’m very happy with this app. Also, I love the new UI. It’s much easier to navigate and looks good too.
  • Love this app

    By Lori6763
    I don’t forget my shopping list at home anymore!!
  • Great app

    By Babyjayla
    I am been using this app for years. Love it. Thanks for all the wonderful updates. Can’t go shopping without it.
  • What happened?

    By imommaparks
    This current version is awful. It keeps messing with custom categories I have set up and adds back in defaults which I don’t want. If I delete the defaults and use my own, the defaults just come back next time I use the app. I DONT want defaults!!!! Plus what happened to the ability to move something to a different list. I used that feature all the time but now it’s gone. Bad job, guys!!!!
  • Great app/ miss old version!

    By Derubioicloud
    I’m really happy with this app. It helps me organize my finances, and keep shopping list. I miss the old version where it told me how much money I had left to spend. Now it just tells me how much is in my cart
  • Compatible with Apple and Android!

    By Freedom18
    It’s great way to coordinate what’s missing in my household. I have been adding things to my pantry list and keep track when I’m running low. All my family has access to what we need at any time. I love that is compatible with both Android and Apple.
  • Used to Love it

    By rlinlo
    I’ve had this app for a couple of years and even suggested it to friends, but after the update everything went to heck. The shopping totals are all wrong, for example, 2 toiletries items totaling $6 but it shows as $872. I can no longer auto arrange alphabetically or copy and move items to other lists. The formatting is all crowded. I now HATE it.
  • Fantastic app

    By chefwilcox
    I’ve been using this app for years an it’s so very helpful
  • Love this app

    By Nickname 0000000
    I love this app because it helps me stay organized. My shopping list doesn’t show how much items cost, do I need to add a price somehow or activate it? Also, pantry list has low and full and I would love it if the list also had and out selection. I figured out how to add prices.
  • Love Out of Milk

    By Hot City Gal
    I love that I can add things to my list when I think of them no matter where I am and I love that when I check things off while shopping they go below so I always know what I need and don't forget something