ScoreCloud Express

ScoreCloud Express

By DoReMIR Music Research AB

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2012-10-31
  • Current Version: 2.5.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 37.25 MB
  • Developer: DoReMIR Music Research AB
  • Compatibility: Requires Android / iOS 6.0 or later.
Score: 2
From 198 Ratings


Straight from musical idea to music notation - wherever you are! • EuroBest 2013 Gold winner for best user experience (UX) • Cannes Lions Gold winner 2013 "Media, Entertainment & Leisure" • Cannes Lions Silver medalist 2013 "Other Technology for Mobile" With this app you can: • Play, sing or whistle any monophonic melody and instantly turn it into music notation. • Edit score and change playback sound. • Share results with your friends and synchronize it with ScoreCloud Studio on your computer in order to arrange or edit it further. Features: • Displays your monophonic input in standard notation. • Intelligent interpretation of pitch, time signature, rhythm & meter, and tempo directly from monophonic audio input. • In-App and cloud-based storage of your songs. • Works with a wide range of musical instruments. • Playback with a number of different sounds or the original recording. • Designed for recording also in noisy environments. • No limitations with regards to musical style – ScoreCloud Express can track composite meters, syncopation, free rhythm etc. • Share your song with your friends by email, Twitter or Facebook (iOS 6 or higher) for anyone to view and listen to in a web browser. • Synchronize your songs with ScoreCloud Studio on your computer in order to edit and arrange them. ScoreCloud Express requires a free account and an Internet connection, since the analysis of your recordings is performed in the cloud.





    By NJCoffield
    After buying this app you will find that you will have to spend EVEN MORE money to have more than 10 songs because you have a “free version” even though you just payed for it. Even worse if you are playing a faster song, the app will get at most TWO notes correct and you will have to start over. Even worse, this app can’t even make harmonic notes. Go buy something else like Minecraft because this app is the dictionary definition of garbage.
  • Good stuff

    By god692957
    It will even give you the scale you are working with, if you go to change instrument sound
  • Has potential but way too expensive

    By MemCraig
    This app has a lot of good points, but also a lot of flaws. I paid the $1.99 thinking it was a onetime fee-but it is monthly and that is just ridiculous for what it is able to do. Sadly seems a waste of money. Could be great at a reasonable price and if they worked out some of the bugs.
  • Like

    By mage14
    For the most part this app is pretty good. Sometimes I get a freak note. Over all I have found that it works well. It has helped me put down a song I didn’t have the music for.
  • Save your cash!

    By Bandbox
    The concept is a great idea, but it’s no where near of its claim. This deserves no stars.
  • Love it!

    By dkmd-1
    Love it, simple and easy to create any song for a non-musician like me! The only bad thing is only 10 free songs!
  • Help!

    By Tkarchefffff
    How do I cancel or end my “subscription”? I no longer want or need the app and I can’t cancel it like it’s says I can on the app In my account.
  • Waste of money

    By NashinDaily
    Don’t spend your money it doesn’t detect chords or anything can’t believe I spent $2 on it
  • Really neat concept with a ton of potential...

    By smeickhoff
    I got this app because there is a song I am wanting to play on the piano but there is no sheet music in existence so I bit the bullet and bought this in hopes I could Hum the melody and try to make it work. This concept is really neat and I admit it is helping me hear those notes that I need to hear to get the music down however there are a lot of flaws that make it not as dependable as I’d hoped. First- why did I pay 2$ for it and can only have 10 songs? Isn’t the point of buying an app so you can have full access to it? I mean I know I can delete stuff but I found it weird. Especially since this has so many flaws why pay more when I don’t even know if it’ll be worth it in the future.! Second/ I wish there was a way to add to the song. It’s like you have to have the song perfect In order for it to work otherwise you have to make a bunch of different recordings (you only get 10) and then memorize it and add them together. If I could add onto what I am already doing it would make it so much easier. Also when I am editing the notes are so small that it’s hard to push. The app doesn’t recognize if you play multiple notes together. It’ll only recognize it at a single note which is irritating as can be. If I am playing a D and an F# I want to hear what it sounds like together and that’s really unfortunate but I get it, it’s still new but I hope this is updated in the future. I have trouble trying to get the bass in with the right hand (piano person here) it would be nice if you could add in a base line to add in the notes but it’ll only register it at one hand at a time. If I could get it to register chords and even to add in a bass line and manually add in the notes (even though I know it’d take forever) this would be so much more fun. Over all I have high hopes for what the app will offer in the future and right now for what I am doing it is semi helpful but definitely not something that’ll give you instant results like you need. Will update in the future if stuff is fixed.
  • Crashes every single time

    By alternativechic
    I was so excited to find this app but sadly it crashes every time. I hit record, play my melody, hit stop and wait. It says analyzing data and something about song and boom, back to home screen.