TX Poker - Texas Holdem Online

TX Poker - Texas Holdem Online

By Murka Entertainment Limited

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2013-11-29
  • Current Version: 2.35.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 106.40 MB
  • Developer: Murka Entertainment Limited
  • Compatibility: Requires Android / iOS 8.1 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 17,870 Ratings


If you love gambling, TX Poker is the only game you’ll want! Our game will make your poker experience more real than it really are and even better... Ready to handle it? "Get" button is here for you You think you kind of tough? Prove your strength here with high stakes and Poker Pros from all over the world! The best free Texas Holdem games are here - try your hand at Dash Poker, Sit-N-Go tournaments, Golden Tournament, join the table and stakes you want. Enter free tournaments now and show the world’s best poker players who’s boss. By the way, if you just a "rookie" don't hesitate you'll also find some people like you somewhere here which help you sharpen your Poker skills. Buckle up and set off at full speed to the world of gambling! Battle your way through poker tournaments or wild challenges and win millions of chips! Perhaps, you are guessing where is the catch? And probably answer will amaze you, this app is absolutely "FREE to play". What is HOT here: • Texas Holdem, a classy way to have fun • Sit-N-Go tournaments, 9 sharks, fixed buy-in and only Big Wins! • Jackpot Slot, love to gamble? Spin and win chips in between hands with the slot machine. • Dash Poker, no need to wait anymore, so play as fast as you can • Prove your strength in Golden Tournament with high stakes and poker sharks! • Earn Free Chips, easier than ever. Casino playing for fun - anywhere, anytime with free chips rewards! • Lots of achievements, increase your chances to win • Casino Buddies, feeling lonely with tons of chips? Add some friends! • Stars Journey, а fan of challenges and quests? Get started right away! • Sales, everyone enjoys buying with benefits, so don't be shy​ • Play non-stop with feature! Extra chips, VIP tables, exclusive look and a lot more await. Hundreds of thousands of players play TX Poker every day – can you beat them? So what are you waiting for? A seat just opened up just for you!




  • Texas poker hold em

    By a7avrs
    They ripped me off three times with that skip scam the 2.99 one. It is a chip burner and a frustrating experience. For a game The problem might be fixable apparently it’s not just me no trust not fun
  • Refuse to show my review

    By The Truth Isn't Always Fun
    I wrote a review last week that they refuse to show! It won’t show in the results! I have been using this app for a few years and am done putting up with their bots, and pre set win/loss ratio. I accumulated over 4.5 billion chips without purchasing one single chip but it has taken extreme discipline. You can’t play for longer than 1/2 hour or you will lose your stack. Your hand dealt doesn’t matter. In fact, be careful when you all of a sudden get dealt anything decent because only 1 in 30 hands will be a winner. It’s preset for the bot/opponent to win and they will all of a sudden raise and push when you have that ultimate pair or big hand. Then you find out you were beat with a q 3 over a pair of 99 because 3 q miraculously hit the board while they raise and reraise with that crappy junk hand the one time you get 99 after 20 minutes. My advice is to never buy any chips, grind it out like me and then move to a better site. This site presets to keep you at under 30% unless you are purchasing massive amounts of chips. I used to win most tournaments but am 2nd now as I can’t beat them heads up only 30/1 hands ratio. I played a poker game that was more realistic but can’t remember what it was. More fair than this crappy app. So I guess this review won’t be posted either like the one I wrote a week ago.. After the years I wasted on this app I will not give them my time Anymore. The way the app cheats is beyond anything I have saw since poker stars. You turn a full house with a pair & they river you with a 98 or something like that. It’s disgusting the way I have been treated on this app for a year. The first couple years were okay but something changed. There’s no value for me with AA or any pair or AK etc the only time I get a win is small pots with stupid idiotic hands like 95 etc. rigged. I can’t believe that loyalty/patronage is beat down on but these low life sites what do you expect. Bots are used to beat you to cause a purchase although I never bought a chip ever! Never got a response from this company either as promised.
  • Why can’t I have my own face on my tx porker game

    By SANDRA 😎
    .😁how can I get my picture back on game
  • New Player

    By Paul-SR
    Lots of fun. I don’t understand the yahoo’s that go all-in Before the the first card is flopped. A pair of aces (if you have) don’t always win a hand! I appreciate the tell though!
  • Idiots

    By likewtpssy
    I just had a 2 pair A high pair and they gave the hand to a single pair never play this game again they just want your money play WSOP way less cheating from computer and better deals
  • Lost chips

    By YHellno
    Bought new ipad. Over 10 million in chips did not transfer. Will not buy from this app again. You will lose your chips if you ever update. Other games transfer their chips when u update. Not this one. Back to ZERO!!!"................update——-Wrote you a review over a week ago. No response!! This tells me you dont care that I lost my chips. Your silence reminds me not to buy from you again!!!!!! By the way I mistakenly told you I lost over 10 million chips, the correct amout was over 10 billion chips. Not that it matters because you ignore my request for the return of them. never buying from this game again. This is not the first time I have lost my chips due to a upgrade or a update. To many other games that dont rip you off. Good luck stealing from your other customers because you wont get another penny from me. Goodbye!..........Still giving me the run around. Keep my chips and see if I ever buy from you again. Thieves!!! Update—still a month later and not even a peep from you. Your support team should go home because they do nothing!!!!!!.....9-18-18. Update! Still do not have my chips!! You really need to review your reviews ....not so good...why? Maybe because you take peoples money after they buy from you! Has been over a month now and still you keep my chips! Will never buy from you again. By the way allllllllllll the other games transfered my chips to my new Ipad!!! That is everyone but you!! I use a IOS! Keep giving me the run around and I will keep giving you One Star!! Dont want your 2,000.000.00 once awhile. I WANT MY CHIPS RETURNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Once again you ask for name of game(TexasPoker) and tell me to tell you what I use (IOS). The game is open. Just return my chips. This is awful!!! 9-20-18. Update! After dealing with you over a month I have come to realize the only reason you reply on here is so that others reading this app will think you are trying to help solve their problem, when in reality you could care less. You send me the same request about losing my chips over and over. Not only am I tired of playing your game of concern, but I dont even care about the chips you took from me, because I no longer care to play this cheating game. I will continue giveing you the poor ratings you deserve. BTW customer service go home, you are worthless. Done!!!! Update.... so now you just want me to forget that u stole my chips!!! NEVER BUY FROM THIS APP!!! Read the replys from customer service. They are sarcastic and demeaning! Very unprofessional! Never buying from you again. The only good reviews you get are from your own staff.
  • Garbage!!

    When you first download the game you cannot do anything but win shut it off and come back on you will never win a tournament never maybe one in every 20 I think it is and only donkey garbage cards win so you got a plan to win a hand so went all in with the 29 and I won’t be to ace king this game is Garbage
  • Empire State

    By cement driver
    I envision sooner rather than later there will be a major class action lawsuit against this company. They outright steal your money. They have total control of the cards dealt the more chips you have the more they steal. If you have money to throw away to make someone richer this game is for you. Most of the time you are playing against players generated by them that will not lose. Save your money and go elsewhere, Empire State Here is another example of this fixed game. I have pocket AA, I raise 300.00 I get to callers, and a all in which I call two of the three callers have 7-2 off suit, the flop comes 772. If this occurred in a real casino the players and the dealer would be placed under arrest by the gaming commission. I demand my chips be returned to me for all the fixed flops by you, I have been screwed out of a low estimate of 300,000,000 million chips. Once again this is proven to be the biggest money grab on the internet. PLEASE READ, DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY OF YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY. THEY WILL TAKE TAKE AND TAKE UNTIL YOU HAVE NOTHING LEFT. BUYERS BEWARE THERE IS NOTHING ON THE UP AND UP WITH THESE THIEVES. THE BOTS THAT THEY INSTALLED TO PLAY AGAINST YOU WILL WIPE YOU OUT 90 out of 100 TIMES, DO THE MATH YOU CANNOT WIN. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Once again you have not disappointed me, played in 25 games today, lost 23 of them to the only possible river card that could beat me. I hope you are proud of yourself screwing people because you can. I would like a refund of all my money, you continue to screw the player without shame. It’s obvious now that you are committing theft. The odds are trillions to one the way I lose pots on the river.
  • Easily the worst poker app ever

    By look to energy
    Ever played poker? Well you won’t know it here. Know what a donk is? Well here that is all you will play against. Those people who shove all in on 27 off, they are here. Think that is great because you will win a lot? Nope, 27 off is favored over Face pairs or basically any hand.
  • Dash poker

    By You don't let
    Unless you tip the dealer you can get one out of ten a good hand! If I dash I loose 5k and if I fold I loose the whole amount! And if my finger it’s not fast enough to press dash or fold I still loose lots of money! You take advantage of all of us! Wish I can get a reply!!!! It’s sane and save play solitary! Dislike you so much!