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Use your iPhone as a step counter. Pedometer++ lets you easily keep track of your daily and weekly step counts, without any impact on your battery life. You can view your progress each day from either the iPhone app, Today View widget or Apple Watch app.'s iOS Health & Fitness App of the Year. ** Requires an iPhone 5s or newer ** For best results make sure that you keep your iPhone on you as you move throughout the day, ideally in a trouser pocket close to your hips. Pedometer++ integrates with the Health app in order to collect and display data collected by your Apple Watch. It can display your step count, walking distance, active calories and heart rate data.




  • Very simple and easy to use

    By Miasmaga
    I think the step counts are accurate and it’s the best app for counting flights. I paid for one that counted 60 stairs with 3 landings as one flight. This app can figure it out.
  • Wonderful Way To Motivate Yourself!!!

    By PJN101
    I started with this app on 9/11/14 and now it is 8/17/18. At first I did not think I would use it much but now I check my steps daily. There have been days when I really did not want to do much. Pedometer helps motivate me to do more than I would without it. You will find that there will be days when you are close and you STEP up to your goal. Try it and get hooked like me. This year I made 10,000 plus steps 35 days in a row. When I got over 20 days, I wanted the 30th day. Had a trip so broke the chain at 35. I also asked about how much elevation was a stair and told 1 stair is 10 feet. On my 3.7 mile walk today I took a beginning altitude reading and another at the top, 252 feet. Then I went down another way and got another reading at the bottom, 202 feet. I had to walk out again. That is 454 feet. The stair count on the app was 60 floors, which is 600 feet. That is very accurate with the up and down I did on the trail. I am impressed. I left a TIP again since I was so impressed. I have done it several times and hope you try the app and use it as much as I do. I have 9,077,233 steps so now I want 10 million.
  • Steps

    By Robbie the Walker
    Fantastic App that forces you to achieve certain goals.
  • Need Time

    By JGBarron
    I like the app, but I need time to see how I do time wise.
  • Great app

    By Candace64
    I’ve been watching this app with the activity tracker on my Apple Watch and they are both right on the money.
  • Ederwswew

    By wawwrwuss
  • Review

    By 👀1Ash!!
    Love it!!
  • Great app!

    By Mameee
    Love the ease of using this app!
  • Perfect Pedometer APP!!!!

    By Ben Siegal
    The perfect Pedometer APP. It counts my steps on the treadmill, bike, stair-stepper, elliptical & rowing machine. I’m obsessed with getting my 10,000 steps a day & this APP helps me get there!!!!!
  • Pedometer

    By McCooleoco
    Great product, easy to use and helpful for tracking all my steps.