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Use your iPhone as a step counter. Pedometer++ lets you easily keep track of your daily and weekly step counts, without any impact on your battery life. You can view your progress each day from either the iPhone app, Today View widget or Apple Watch app. App Store App of the Day's iOS Health & Fitness App of the Year. ** Requires an iPhone 5s or newer ** For best results make sure that you keep your iPhone on you as you move throughout the day, ideally in a trouser pocket close to your hips. Pedometer++ integrates with the Health app in order to collect and display data collected by your Apple Watch. It can display your step count, walking distance, active calories and heart rate data.




  • Elegant and useful

    By Butterknives1382
    Super nice user interface and presents your step and stair data in visually appealing and engaging ways. Challenges and personally tailored recommendations for improving health are also nice additions! No microtransactions and the app even only politely asks you for a tip deep in the settings menu. I really appreciate the small touches like that.
  • Love pedometer

    By bluecan200
    I think pedometer is amazing. I’m 69yrs old and just purchased my first smartphone. Best feature is definitely the pedometer. So cool watching how far I’ve walked in a day.Will certainly help keep me healthy. Thank you so much.
  • Great App

    By Candieslim
    Great app !!! Some question about distance, but over all happy
  • Accurate Pedometer!

    By Rftsk8
    Finally I am getting accurate distance measurements when I walk! The free activity measuring app that came free with my iPhone was about 25 percent off (showing less miles). This app allows you to adjust for your height (I am 6’4”) which figures in my longer walking stride!
  • Useful app for my AWS4

    By legend2311
    Good to use
  • Stairs

    By bethyak
    I go up and down a lot of stairs in my house and this app does not record all the floors I go up and down👎🏻. Some days it records more and some days not.
  • Direct and to the point, great charts and confetti

    By PureJadeKid
    Has helped me with a long term health problem and encouraged me to be more active. I love how everything is automatic, and big and clear. The missing pedometer app that Apple should have included with the iPhone. 6,000,000 steps and counting!
  • Not bad at all

    By Stuartpa
    I have found this app to be really useful for me, especially as I am trying to gradually increase my activity level. This app is simple and easy to use and for someone who has a number of physical problems, I have found the app very helpful. It’s not perfect but it’s very easy to use, to monitor a small aspect of my daily activity. Helping me to increase my level of activity.
  • For everyone, especially seniors

    By Opalina2
    I gave this app five stars because it and similar apps perform the critical function of keeping people aware of exercise to augment proper diet...both of which can and do contribute to good health and longer life! In other words, you either move or die. I am forever grateful for learning this as a young physician. My preferred form of exercise was once long distance running. But because I developed the bad habit of doing only right PLFs (parachute landing falls), I ended up needing a right hip replacement. And on one of my early jumps, I cracked the end of my left femur; so, I am now on the mend from a knee replacement. Now, a little over 2 months out, I am back up to walking 2-5 miles three or four times a week. There is still some minor pain, but every good PT or orthopedist will remind you “motion is lotion”! Even if walking isn’t your thing, get out there and just do something strenuous 3-4 x per week. Good Health to you all, Dr. Marshall Dressel, COL, USA (Retired)
  • Step count

    By drop it forget it
    Compared to the Health app, this pedometer count is 1700+ paces below those recorded under the Health there an explanation for such a difference?...which is more accurate/reliable for record keeping?