GrooveMaker 2

GrooveMaker 2

By IK Multimedia

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2013-12-17
  • Current Version: 1.5.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 89.71 MB
  • Developer: IK Multimedia
  • Compatibility: Requires Android / iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 41 Ratings


THREE NEW GROOVEMAKER SONG PACKS NOW AVAILABLE – CHILL OUT, ELECTRO FUNK & MINIMAL – NOW OVER 25 AVAILABLE SONG PACKS GROOVEMAKER 2 - REMIXING REINVENTED A whole new dimension of loop remixing GrooveMaker® 2 is the latest version of the revolutionary iPhone/iPad/iPod touch app designed for creating non-stop electronic, dance and hip-hop tracks in real-time, plus saving and sharing them. Need a killer backing track for your social video? Groovemaker is the answer. Create unique, creative grooves and songs on the go with the touch of your finger. Now anyone can get results that sound like they were made by a professional DJ! GrooveMaker 2 works with pre-arranged sets of loops (called “Songs”) that always sound good together. You can remix them in limitless ways with Groovemaker’s patented “groove generator” technology. In addition to its touchscreen interface, GrooveMaker 2 now supports a number of powerful control options including iRig® Pads, IK’s powerful ultra-portable pad controller. Plug your iRig Pads into your iOS device of choice and you’ll be able to take advantage of its custom GrooveMaker 2-specific modes — Groove Mode and Launch Mode — that let you control groove length, browse through loops, tweak effects, trigger Randomixes and a whole lot more. How does it work? Easy. Select a Song and you’ll enter the Grid interface. Push the Randomix button, and you will see the building blocks of your groove appear and the music will start playing. You can change grooves with the Randomix function or literally “draw” new grooves directly on the grid. You can lock loops, solo and mute, change volume, pan and freely associate loops with each of the 8 available tracks.  Enhance your grooves with the Effects interface. You get 16 high quality effects: Filter, Delay, Flanger and more. You also get highly creative effects like Twist, Brake and Spin that can only be found on sophisticated professional DJ gear. You also have a Master section where you can add a finishing touch to your groove with a Compressor, an EQ and a Filter. GrooveMaker Packs offer over 6,500 loops. They come grouped as “Song” packs that are each organized by categories such as bass drum, loop, bassline, pads and percussion. There are over 25 Song Pack collections available that feature styles like House, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Techno, Trance, Electro, D’n’B, Reggae, Reggaeton and Rock. There are even artist packs from Ace of Skunk Anansie, Chris Domingo and Cool & Dre. GrooveMaker 2 features: • Intuitive interface • Over 25 Song Packs available and over 100 songs including styles like EDM, Dubstep, House, Hip Hop, Techno, Trance, Electro, D’n’B, Reggae, Reggaeton and Rock plus artist packs (4 built-in Songs plus 23 packs available for in-app purchase) • iRig® Pads support: select tracks, cue loops, control effects, change length, tweak effects, trigger Randomix and more with the fully customized native support of two GrooveMaker-specific MIDI maps • iRing™ support: control effects, parts and Randomixes with the iRing motion controllers • Matrix interface for simplified loop remixing by drawing • Single loop duration can be freely set • Groove duration can be freely set from 1/2 bar to 8 bars with new 1/4 to 1/32 live loop functions on saved grooves • 16 FX with automation and touch pad-like interface (10 Filter FX built-in plus 6 more available via in-app purchase) • IMPORT functions allow you to easily import or record in your own audio files for use • High quality time stretch for seamless tempo variation from 50% to 200% of the original BPM • Real time recorder • Master control with Compressor, EQ and Filter • Share via Audio Copy, E-mail, Wi-Fi, FTP or SoundCloud • Compatible with Audiobus, Inter-App Audio and X-Sync For more information:




  • Crashes soooooooooooo much

    By Strizbiz
    I'm a big fan of ik multimedia, I practically have all their iOS apps , and rate them all 5 stars .... except this one. It's not really my cup of tea, but the fact that it crashes sooooooooooo much , I'd have to rate it as one of the worst apps if not the worst ik multimedia ever released. Also audio paste doesn't work well at all.
  • Lacks Bluetooth function

    By TexasBD
    I wanted to use this in the classroom for my kids to play their instruments with a groove but I can't play it over my Bluetooth speaker. The app interferes with the Bluetooth connection and will only play on the iPad speaker. This makes it pretty useless to me.
  • Was this made for children ?

    By Blackbery-12
    What's the point of this app? No mater what I do, it all sounds the same.
  • Nic

    By Njmasheel
  • Music Haux

    By Poloboss97
    Read Words and numbers before you waste your money on this app . I am a 17 year old beginner level creator, When I seen this app I was and still am using my iPad on garage band to begin producing. I seen this app when I was desperate and unaware of this app. So it looked good by a far so I bought it and then I realized that I didn't get what I've wanted ... (A pretty good quality for a iPad music production app). But in that time I was unaware and I thought this app was acceptable but I've actually made a good beat on this app when I was on there somehow aka (putting together some grooves and mastering). Besides that don't buy this app if you are a producer ,if you want to create get a platform to create on that is 100% you're work and not groves put together by somebody.But If you don't want to be a (producer) then use this app and release music that is already generated from a lame. This app is just a learning experience of what you have to go through on the journey to find a good home for your sound.
  • Needs work

    By Apathian
    Definitely could be better.
  • Waste of disk space

    By TheRealDutchee
    Downloaded this app for free and removed it shortly after again. It's just as horrible as the older GrooveMaker apps and song packs that i wasted some money on in the past. Confusing interface and lackluster songs and loops. Even giving it away for free is not going to save this train wreck. I would recommend trying out the Launchpad app instead which has a much easier interface and better music as well, and is just much more fun overall.
  • Import audio paste needs to allow larger loops

    By Jay Twuon
    Import audio paste doesn't work as advertised. Import audio paste doesn't allow large loops to be imported! Also it's not a user friendly app at all!
  • Not worth the time

    By Victormd1
    It would have been a great app if the purchased pack were not so TEDIOUS to download. Every time I have purchased a pack, hat to download tracks one at at time. And every single time when finished downloading a track, the app returns to play mode, where you have to go back and download the next track which it takes for ever! So say the least, too time consuming and tedious...not worth the time.
  • Waste of time.

    By Norythym
    Your product is practically useless. While it is a fun to use to make music, nothing can be exported whatsoever. None of the options that are given work even at all. And even when you can email your mix do you mix does not work at all.why don't you try making a useful product first before you go ahead people can have. Go back to the drawing board.