Elastic Drums

Elastic Drums


  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2014-12-17
  • Current Version: 2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 154.68 MB
  • Developer: O-G-SUS
  • Compatibility: Requires Android / iOS 8.2 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 160 Ratings


Featured 170 times on App Store category pages! Comes with Ableton Link synchronization and Ableton Live Set Export. Machinedrum: "It's awesome, a lot of fun to work with and very easy to get something going. I love the sound presets too.“ Funkstörung:"Fantastic sounding, great fun to play with, a must have for live performances!" Palm Sounds: "I have to say that I've been completely impressed by this iPhone drum machine. In terms of sound, in terms of design, and in terms of functionality. It is amazing." Keyboards: „An extremely flexible beatbox with tons of character." CDM: "Finally, Your Pocket Gets a Perfect Drum Synth: Elastic Drums for iPhone." iOS Music&You: "Highly, highly recommended." Elastic Drums is a music app showcasing an interactive drum kit, that enables to create a huge range of rhythmic grids, ranging from classical analog drumkits up to experimental soundscapes. It contains six channels of high quality synthesized drum sounds, a step sequencer and 4 effect channels. All important control parameters are automatable. The result: Elastic drum composition with a unique character! Features: - 6 synth channels with 13 different percussion synth engines (kick, snare, hihat, clap, tom, wobble, fm, fm4, square, grain, synth, drone, sampler) - 12 parameters for each synth engine - automation for each parameter via knob recording or velocity - 4 send effect channels with 2x13 mono effects and 2x11 stereo effects - automation for all of the 8 possible effect parameters via xy pad - master effects (stutter, delay, compressor ...) - 16 step sequencer for the 6 channels, each with it's own tempo multiplier & length - record audio and export to Soundcloud or Audioshare - email audio recordings and presets - Audiobus, Audiobus Remote, Inter-App Audio and Ableton Link support - Midi learn/Midi implementation of the most important parameters Because all sounds get generated in realtime, the app is cpu heavy! iPhones 5 and greater can handle it with no problem, on iPhone 4s effects 3 and 4 get switched off by the engine automatically to save some cpu power. iPhone 4 and iPad1 are NOT recommended! Elastic Drums is published by MoMinstruments, the instruments app label of Mouse on Mars and friends.




  • In love

    By housemachine
    So far my top hope they continue to develop it
  • Great tool, bad UI, glitchy

    By Ethan Marsh
    For what I paid for this, it should work flawlessly. Too many issues with the sounds bugging out and not being consistent each time I load them.
  • Yes

    By johngme22
    The more I play with it the more fun it becomes. Well worth it.
  • Really Nice on iPad

    By ZenLizard
    Sampler is a sweet addition to an already powerful groove development and performance playground. Extra star for being a responsive, proactive dev. I am absolutely loving this drum synth & sequencer. The sound sculpting capabilities are much deeper than your average drum synth and the automation tools open many possibilities.
  • Great drum synth, add AU and individual outs and it would be Amazing

    By Scottsunn
    I have been scouring the web to find a simple yet dynamic drum synth and this is well on its way to becoming just that! I managed to keep myself entertained for a several hours making ‘live’ techno on one pattern! (Adjusting it on the fly). I love how far you can stretch a sound with this... seriously, with a couple nice fx on it there is a lot to play with and evolve over time. Absolutely part of my regular arsenal now. All I need to give it 5 stars is - Individual track outs and AU. I’m sure this has been requested.... I don’t think it needs much else, because everything else you can do in a host channel strip just fine... Not to say I wouldn’t like more drum synths to choose from, or FX..., but srsly, please get me individual outs and I will be all lollipops and rainbows about this nearly perfect beast of an app!
  • Redundant

    By sparkiexxx
    Good engines and sound. However, weak MIDI implementation and lack of AU support or individual audio outs leave it redundant as a serious tool. A decent time waister on a long flight.
  • Okay, This Tears It!

    By BozoToo
    I have bought and tried several drum/rhythm/percussion arrangers in the iOS universe. This one TEARS IT UP!! Everyone else can go home. This is the most flexible “drum machine” out there. I could go on too long about this, but let it suffice to describe its major distinguishing features. First EVERYTHING, every knob tweak and setting can be recorded into the pattern. And ALL of those live changes will play back exactly as recorded. This give you the abilty to alter the sound of each instrument from subtle variations to drastic changes in real time. And there are so many possible parameters that this makes ElasticDrums (ED) incredibly flexible and you can create a huge number of variations in each pattern. Moreover, each pattern can have its own instrument assignments AND all those recorded knob-twiddlings which apply to everything from basic volume settings to FX levels and changes. It is so flexible that each pattern can actually be a totally separate and different piece of music, if you want, especially when you throw in all the live-performance bits including the very useful “jam” feature which lets you perform on this ap in real time in very creative ways. Second, the workflow is very familiar to anyone used to using synthesizers. Sounds are drawn from acoustic and electronic samples and tones synthesized within ED itself. Synthesizer elements like Envelope Generators and Filters abound. While there is a sizable library of different samples, the ability to load your own samples into the sample library is essential and ED gives you a lot of control over the sample variables once loaded into an instrument slot. Third, the workflow is also very clear and obvious while still being very flexible. It does not lock you into one way of working. Fourth, there are several VERY useful features. One is the ability to set each row in the sequencer to its own time frame. Not only can you set the number of steps within the larger phrase, you can multiply and divide the phrase length itself, PER EACH INSTRUMENT, in each pattern. This is HUGE because it allows you to create VERY long phrases WITHIN shorter ones or vice-versa. Fifth, on my iPad Pro, ED is very responsive and fast. It responds instantly. I have not noticed any lags or delays in performing any of its diverse functions. Improvements? I wish it had more than 6 instrument rows. That problem is mitigated somewhat by the afore-mentioned phrase-length feature combined with all those other variables. Taken together with all these features you can create the impression that there are MANY more instruments being used in your composition. But at any given moment a maximum of 6 sounds are possible. So it is difficult to not want MORE instruments per pattern. The program has four FX channels, which is great; but you can effectively only use two at a time. I wish we could use all four FX chanel’s simultaneously. Despite these vague short-comings, this is by far THE MOST versatile and musical “drum machine” I have ever seen, including all the hardware units. It is more like an actual musical instrument than it is a “machine”. You cannot do better than ElasticDrums. I don’t think anyone will top this ap anywhere in the near future. Buy it!
  • Oops lost my song again

    By hi fi Cary
    Can’t walk away from my ipad pro because it will just go away. I like it as a drum machine sequencer and a lot more but its not dependable plus 360 mb app on my ipad and i have not made a song yet!? By now i am used to apps that automatically save esp when i don’t even close them and just walk away for maybe 15 - 20 minutes , so now i am going back to dm1 and beat maker.
  • Just getting started

    By pinkydisco
    So, I got this app and a few of the IAP’s (next is ‘import sample’) and then didn’t use it for a while. At first, I don’t even know why but I thought it was hokey. Honestly, I had yet to figure out the velocity function (this is now huge for me, in other apps too, much like LFO) and wasn’t impressed with the layout or even the sounds. Fast forward to about a month ago and I’m digging deeper. I really was looking for more organic sounding drums but have found that the sounds this app is capable of is extremely versatile. And I’m sure once I acquire the import IAP I’ll be totally addicted. I’m really just getting started with this app even though I’ve had for quite some time. I give it 5 stars simply because there is so much more to it than meets the eye.
  • Sounds disappointing

    By Doorweller
    Good functionality, sounds pretty lo-fi. Doesn’t work with garage band.