• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2014-05-29
  • Current Version: 1.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 1.70 GB
  • Developer: SQUARE ENIX INC
  • Compatibility: Requires Android / iOS 6.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 487 Ratings


[Recommended Hardware] iPhone 5 or Higher/iPad (3rd Generation or Better) Please Note: iPhone 4 is not supported. Please take care to check below if your device is supported before downloading. The phenomenally popular DRAGON QUEST VIII has sold 4.9 million units worldwide, and now it's coming to the iPhone and iPad for the first time! This was the first title in the series to be presented in full 3D, and its exquisitely detailed world has to be seen to be believed! Set off on an unforgettable adventure with Yangus, the bandit with a heart of gold, Jessica, the high-born magical minx, and Angelo, knight and lothario, by your side! Everything you need is here in a single package! Once the app is downloaded, there's no more to pay, as every last shred of content is yours to enjoy. So get ready to play the epic that is DRAGON QUEST VIII from beginning to end—and far beyond! Prologue Legends tell of an ancient sceptre, within which is sealed a fearsome power... When the relic's long-dormant magics are awoken by the treachery of a malign magician, an entire kingdom falls into a cursed slumber, prompting a young soldier to embark on an unforgettable journey... Game Features – Simple, Accessible Controls The control system has been streamlined to work perfectly with modern touch interfaces. The position of the directional pad can be adjusted freely, enabling players to switch between one-handed and two-handed play with a tap of the screen. The combat system has also been reworked, allowing for one-tap battles as well as more complex play. – The Tension System During battle, you can select 'Psyche Up' to give your next attack some extra oomph! The more you psyche a character up, the higher their tension will rise, until they finally reach an insane state known as super-high tension! – Skill Points Skill points are earned when your characters level up, and can be assigned to various skills in order to learn new spells and abilities. This system allows you to perfectly tailor your team to your liking. – Monster Teams Certain monsters found in the field can be scouted for your monster team – if you're tough enough to beat them, that is! Once assembled, your crack squad can take part in the fiercely contested tournaments held at the monster arena, and can even come to your aid in battle! – The Alchemy Pot Combine existing items to create entirely new ones! Even the most unassuming objects could be ingredients for the greatest items of all! Seek out the recipes hidden all over the world, and see if you can cook up something truly special! – The Casino Fans of the series will be pleased to learn that the casino is back, and fully-equipped for fun! This time around, there are three exciting activities to enjoy: bingo, slot machines and roulette! Just don't get so caught up in the action that you forget your adventure entirely! [Supported Operating Systems] iOS6.0 and Above [Supported Devices] iPhone 4s*, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad 2*, iPad (3rd and 4th Generation), iPad Air, iPad mini*, iPad mini with Retina Display The app cannot be guaranteed to run on devices which do not appear on the supported devices list. Please be aware that it will not run stably on iPhone 4. Please be sure to double-check whether your device is supported before downloading the app. * Using the App on iPhone 4s/iPad2/iPad mini After extended play on these devices, some instability may occur, and the app may occasionally freeze or crash. We apologise for the inconvenience, but please keep the following in mind while playing: - Save your game often. - When suspending play, please make sure to close the app completely via the recently used apps list. - Frequent crashes can sometimes be remedied by restarting your device.




  • Thank God that awful VA is gone

    By PathofExileisdabomb
    The English dub of this was always ruined emersion for me. It’s much better when you get to read dialogue in your head.
  • Not the Complete Game!

    By Pleas fix
    Paid $19.99 for Dragon Quest 8. Where is the voice acting? Description says it’s the complete game, well it’s not. I bought this for my 3.5 year old who loves rpgs and I bought this expecting the game as advertised! I’m not sure why you would sell the game without the voices as an option. It’s an easy fix and just seems lazy that the voice acting in the languages previously available are not now available.
  • No app icon

    By psydent559
    There is no app icon on my phone. I have to open it up through the app store
  • Frame rate woes

    By Yesmanbrodude
    Poor framerate performance that is distracting and takes away from the quality of this great game. Playing on an iPhoneX- should be more than powerful enough to run this game well if it were optimized properly.
  • Small screen on iPhone X

    By theismaili
    Don’t buy it if you have an iPhone X , it’s not optimized for iPhone X.
  • Loving this game

    By busterfriendly
    It’s kinda awesome. I bought it for iPhone when it first came out, but life happened and so I didn’t play it after a few hours. Recently I started playing it on my iPad, and now I’m hooked. I’m really enjoying the artwork, interface and story. I’m not really enjoying the movement controls, especially the camera, but it’s manageable. Also, landscape mode would be really nice to have. Since it’s stuck in portrait mode, it would be a treat to see this beautiful world in widescreen. My biggest gripe, and it’s major- I watched a YouTube video of the game because I was trying to figure out the location of an area, and the music that was recorded by an actual orchestra for the PS2 release is nothing short of brilliant... this version has it sequenced digitally instead. Which is a huge disservice to the dude who wrote the music because the soundtrack is exquisite... but lacks everything to be desired now that I’ve heard the orchestra version. I’m heartbroken by how bad this midi-hell digital rendition is in comparison (-_-,)
  • Great game but iCloud save doesn't work

    By Fireman588
    The game is pretty amazing but the fact that you can't save to the cloud ruins it. This stops you from transferring to iPad or another phone. Additionally it is a back up should the game fail. Square please fix something that we all have paid for! It's not fair to pay for a game that is supposed to have a feature and not have it work.
  • I Love This Game!

    By dmgph1969
    This is day two playing on my iPad and I am loving it!
  • Fun

    By Lurker6942
    Other than not hearing what characters are saying this game is fun.
  • iCloud Server Authentication

    By Mikeymike2391
    Decent game, it’s a fantastic mobile port. The iCloud saves have never worked for me and it makes me regret my purchase. Buyer beware.