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  • No sound on iPad

    By Jolygreen
    I writing this for the iPad app, not iPhon or website. I thought something done to the glory of GOD should be at a higher level. Sadly not true with this app. From what I can tell the content is great and suspect the creators won be horrified if they knew how poorly their service to the LORD was being implemented in software. Apart from being unusable on iPad if I go to the app support page hyperlink just above these comments I get page not found on the Harper Collins website. These are simple things that should have been fixed before going live on even the entry level app by inexperienced team. How this is in the store for two months (possibly longer) without the developer knowing about would normally get people fired on a mediocre software team. The content looks great, c’mon HC step up your game, or move this client to someone who cares.
  • No sound

    By 875490321
    I cannot get any sound on the app. I have deleted and reinstalled several times per their only recommendation. I made sure the sound wasn’t muted, rebooted my phone. Everything I could think of. When I came back to reinstall again I realized that I am not alone. Apparently it doesn’t really work for iPhones. I chose a subscription with the idea I’d be able to use the app. Well I will be ending it after the trial. Maybe if they lose enough money then they will consider fixing the problems for this thing.
  • Won’t open

    By jwfII
    Like others, I cannot get the app to open on my iPhone or iPad.
  • Great Material but you never know if it is going to work

    By Hopeless Inbox
    It is very hard to pay $8.99, and be in the middle of a series and suddenly nothing works. I have been a member since the beginning customer service, for such a monthly fee is terrible. They need to have some accountability and they don't.
  • Very disappointed

    By thinkb4youleap
    If I could give no stars I would. This app just doesn’t work. I have never heard sound from the app at all. I contacted support and they suggested I reinstall the app ( I had done this before contacting support). There only other suggestion was to see if I had muted the sound on my phone. I stream all the time through other apps and have zero problem. This is not an isolated incident so I guess there is no fix for this and the app is otherwise non functional
  • Love the app when it works

    By Charcheyvanna
    Needs a update please! No sound. Love the bible studies. My app on my moto phone with the google play store works but not on my iPad.
  • Love content, iPhone X app doesn’t work

    By jetskijdm
    iPhone X app hasn’t worked for 2 months for me. Hopefully it does soon.
  • Crashes

    By Mebcaz
    This app crashes on a continual basis. It is hard to lead a class with a app like this. Please fix! Love this study, not this app
  • Frustrated

    By Shemaburns
    We are doing a group study and my class struggles every week to even open the app and sometimes no sound! It’s just not very reliable. When I get on the content is AMAZING!
  • Crashes

    By Gheirudjr
    I like the content of the app but crashes on my iPhone. My current problem is that I cannot access the app although it shows it has been downloaded to my phone.