My Movies Pro - Movie & TV

My Movies Pro - Movie & TV

By Binnerup Consult

  • Category: Shopping
  • Release Date: 2014-12-12
  • Current Version: 2.30
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 92.19 MB
  • Developer: Binnerup Consult
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 5
From 2,067 Ratings


Important! The application is not for downloading or watching content. My Movies allows you to catalog your entire collection of movie and TV Series from our world class online data service containing data for disc titles (DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD), movies (Digital Copies) and TV Series, from various counties and in various languages. Attention Upgraders! Users of the first version of our application for iPhone or iPad, simply log into the same user account that you previously used, and your existing collection will synchronize to the new application. Contact us on if you are in need of help. Our database of titles is the best available, containing more than 1,000,000 titles on DVD and Blu-ray, supplemented by a large catalog of movies and TV Series for digital copies. If you have one or more titles that are not in our service, you can report it and it will be created within 48 hours by our staff - a service you will not find elsewhere. You can evaluate the full application, by downloading My Movies Free, which is a freely available identical version with the exception of being limited to 50 titles, and only 10 items in release and trailer lists. You can use the application as a standalone product on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, or use it as a companion to our other software packages, available for all popular platforms, allowing you to keep your movie collection synchronized between clients. The application requires you to create a user account, log onto an existing My Movies account, or log in through Facebook to be able to use the program. Your collection will follow your user account through our online servers, allowing you to switch between different clients without ever losing your data - we have clients available for all popular platforms. If you log in to an existing account, your current collection will automatically be synchronized to your device. You can within the program activate an online web based listing of your collection, allowing you to send friends and family a website that allows them to browse your collection. Notice! If you have a problem or a suggestion, please contact us on We are unable to help you with problems if you only leave a comment in the market. The quality and stability of the application is our top priority, and we will happily help you with any problem or concerns you might have. Feature list: - Scan large DVD and Blu-ray collections fast using our quick multi-scan option. - Search for disc titles, movies or TV Series by title. - Keep track your collection of disc titles (DVD and Blu-ray) or digital copies. - Keep track of movies watched in theaters, or movies or TV Series watched on streaming services. - Personalize titles with location, tags, notes, rating, purchase details and more. - Mange interface customization options, including different views, and both a black and white interface. - View with synopsis, full cast list (10, 20, 30 or all per title) and much more. - View audio tracks, subtitles on disc titles. - Links to IMDB. - High quality front and back covers as well as theater posters. - Watch trailers. - Search collection. - Many sort options. - Advanced filtering. - Integration with Facebook and Twitter. - Parental control functions. - Shake to random title. - E-mail collection as TXT or CSV. - Loan titles to contacts and keep track. - Online title collection to share with family and friends ( - Tabbar badge with title and/or person count. - Person section with photos, biographies and starring in lists. - Releases section with upcoming DVD and Blu-ray's. - Use same collection on multiple devices and platforms with automatic online sync. - Automatic profile update for latest and most accurate data. - Remote control for Windows Media Center and Dune players. - Report missing titles to our staff. - Report incorrect data to our staff. - Much MORE!




  • Dope !

    By Cheeky black
    I absolutely love this app !!
  • Wow. It actually works!! I love it!!

    By Manic Bobo
    I’ve tried two of these library apps. One ate my entire inventory of 1123 movie disks after two days struggling to enter everything. The other one randomly lost a movie here and there, and occasionally added a random movie I’d never owned or listed. MY MOVIES has been perfect. It takes some getting used to with the settings, but it’s pretty much brilliant the way it works. The bar code scan and search is FAST, and amazingly accurate. If the movie doesn’t show up that way you can enter the title and find about everything. I have some obscure, generally unknown movies from the 30’s through the 50’s that most data bases don’t carry. They were in this data base. Surprised me. I love the “sort title” entry. Some movies in a series have all kinds of different titles that stuffs them all over your library. This lets you put them all together, for example Bond movies have titles all over the place. With this feature you can sort them into one place & even put them in order with: Bond1, Bond2...Bond9, and so on, without messing with the actual title, which you can also rename under a separate entry. It’s great. Set up & figuring out how everything works is a bit of a learning curve, but pretty intuitive once you get going. I entered about 900 titles in maybe four hours, just goofing & not doing much at a time. Scanning is quick on the multiple scan, but it takes a bit of time to process all that data if you try to do 30-40 at one scan session. Better to break off in like 10-20 maybe. One other good thing is the movie jacket photo icons are almost always a dead match to the actual jacket cover, which is really unusual. Price seems a bit steep at first, but after paying for two that didn’t work worth a hoot (and NO backup feature), I actually ended up feeling like I got a lot of app value for my money.
  • Works as described

    By Jobert48
    UPDATE: After Developer contacted me, issues addressed. Works as described. Just be sure you have barcodes and do a complete export (make sure to include first row, often left out. I apologize to the developer for confusion on my part that led me to discount product.
  • Best app I've ever purchased from AppStore!!!

    By teacrumpets
    You. Need. This. I thought things were going digital, and stopped buying movies years ago. I didn't realize what a scam and expensive train we would be thrown on, not to mention never really have full control/ownership over our digital content on our own storage devices. And cable now charges to see movies from 20-30+ years ago! $3.99 to watch Twister if it's not featured on a cable channel that month...which is really several months or more the way they keep the same stuff in place for eons. We went back to DVDs and LOVE having no commercials again, and LOVE not being nickled and dimed to death. This app is making it a BREEZE!! This is the most well made and efficient app I've used in years. The developers thought of everything I would want to do to track my movies. (I'm a system designer and programmer with extensive experience in quality testing, so that's a huge compliment from someone who is highly detailed.) They went above and beyond allowing us to scan the barcodes rather than have to manually add titles. Then they went a step above that and allowed for "multi-scan" which makes your initial adding of your collection take about 1/1000th of the time it would take to manually add every one of them. Big hug to the developers!!! You can just keep scanning like a grocery store checkout, and when you are done you just tap add, and select the group to put them in. Done. ALL details about the movie and actors right there. Blows away ANY list app I've ever used. Then they went a step above all THAT and allow you to see trailers for all your movies, AND new releases too! The group categories were so thoughtful and insightful, I'll never have to make a new one; they thought of everything I would do. When I want to sell some of my collection, all I have to do is move those movies from Own-keep to Own-sell!! I can see all that I intend to sell in one group. I can also scan movies at a store and add them to a wishlist or a "to buy" group. When we want to watch a movie, we can sort through our collection using this app and it provides more information than my cable or on-demand guide, and much easier and quicker to navigate. ANOTHER big hug to the developers. Also much easier than poking through our shelves. I can't think of anything they could have done better in the way of basics for tracking what you already own - so you don't accidentally purchase again when you pass that awesome $2.99 deal bin in the store! And the fact that my Android husband has access to our collection list via the internet, and my kids can use the app on their iPhones, means that any of us can double check if we already own it, then purchase a movie and scan it on the spot so we have immediate updates. It's such a great app I feel guilty asking for more, but I'm going to anyway. Hee hee. DEVELOPER FEEDBACK: I hope you get a new media company for trailers SOON and get that back up and running again! (Currently have to connect to a YouTube trailer, but even that's done nicely and seamlessly- kudos.) And it would be great if you could import IMDB numeric n/10 ratings so we can decide what to watch or buy that we haven't yet seen, or haven't seen in a long time, and allow us to set our own personal ratings too, like 5-star ratings. That way we can see both ours as well as IMDBs. For instance: Guardians of the Galaxy IMDB: 7.8/10 Personal rating 5/5 stars. Maybe even have our ID replace the term "personal rating" like Joe's rating: 4/5 stars. ;) I chose IMDB because it has been the most accurate rating system out there that we've found. And one last request, please don't sell out to the big corporations like so many other great apps and companies do. Be loyal to us and we will pay to support you for your hard work. I'm even going to pop for the Mac app. It's worth every last cent. If you ever find that you have to sell out to the cable dogs or production companies, or a company like IMDB or Netflix that falls in love with your platform and get greedy, please please please leave all current features and capabilities in place for the prior owners of this app; as a loyal nod in our direction for our support. All new owners of the app would have the new limitations that would no doubt be put in place (like a flipping monthly subscription!) But not the owners before such a change. I'll pay your price up front to be left alone in peace, and I'll work hard to promote and support you. But I wouldn't if it became a greed-fest like so many other things nowadays.
  • Near perfect

    By Jim Indiana
    I love all the features in this app. If filters by genre and user category could be added it would be prefect for me. To look up my wife's favorites verses my daughter's would make it easier for my shopping.
  • Not to be trusted

    By Master Prescott
    I paid the full purchase price for this app when it was ‘My Movies’, they then said they would no longer update that version, but I could upgrade to ‘My Movies 2’ for a discounted price... they then charged me full price AGAIN and when I wrote to their customer support they said they wouldn’t fix their error. Be careful giving your money to them, I would recommend downloading a similar app from a more honest company.
  • Best Movie Database App !

    By Big Frank S
  • Great app!

    By SgriffithO
    Easy to use, with barcode scanner & staff responds quickly when there are any issues with a bad or unregistered bar code. I also like the report feature. Works well both on phone & tablet.
  • Best app

    By Zenamarie1
    This app has saved us from buying movies we already have and to keep track of who has our movies thank you
  • Best movie collection database app!

    By Lilia Isela
    I’ve been using this app for the past two years and have scanned in over 230 movies. It never fails me, every movie is in their database and it pulls in all the movie details along with an image of the disk jacket. No longer do I have to search my collection to see if I had purchased a movie or not. This app makes it very easy, and it’s just awesome to have my movie collection at my fingertips. Nicely done!