MARVEL Future Fight

MARVEL Future Fight

By Netmarble Corporation

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2015-04-29
  • Current Version: 4.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 269.04 MB
  • Developer: Netmarble Corporation
  • Compatibility: Requires Android / iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 31,169 Ratings


An epic blockbuster action-RPG featuring Super Heroes and Villains from the Marvel Universe! The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Inhumans, Defenders, X-Men, Spider-Man, and more! Over 100 characters from the Marvel Universe are available to play! S.H.I.E.L.D.’s very own director, Nick Fury, has sent an urgent message from the future... the convergence is destroying the world as we know it! Prepare to defend your universe! Recruit your favorite characters, complete missions, and compete with other players to be the greatest hero and save your world. Collect over 100 Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains to assemble your ultimate team. - Level up your characters and their gear to unleash their full powers! - Build classic teams like the Avengers or X-Men to take advantage of special bonus effects. - Choose from hundreds of Uniforms to increase your character’s powers and perfect your hero's look. Upgrade powerful characters in Epic Quests! - Get everyone’s favorite Super Heroes, from Captain Marvel to Doctor Strange, and level them up while playing thrilling Epic Quests. - Unleash each character’s unique super powers as you make your way through various missions. Blast enemies with Iron Man’s Unibeam and bash opponents in the name of justice with Captain America’s shield! - Experience even more thrilling action in PvP Arena modes, where you can bring your best team to take on the world. Team up with friends and overcome incredible in-game challenges. - Take a friend’s character with you when you go into a mission for emergency assistance! - Join an Alliance and make friends. Compete with other Alliances in Alliance Conquest and take home the glory for your own team. Original new stories only found in Marvel Future Fight! - Experience unique, never-before-seen stories to find out who’s responsible for threatening the existence of your universe! - Play through Special Missions featuring the New Avengers, Inhumans, and even Spidey’s Foes! Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:




  • New Characters & Uniforms

    By Zogilbert
    New characters: Hybrid, Man thing,Silver Surfer, Beta Ray Bill, Electro, Hydroman, Iron Monger, Mandarian, Sentry, Wendigo, Toxin, Molecule man, Kang the conquer, Cloak & Dagger, Scorpion, Doctor voodoo, Radioactive man, Wonder man, Fantastic 4, Namor the submariner, Gladiator, Crimson Dynamo, Shocker, Morbius the living vampire, Kurt the Super Skrull, Thane, Starbrand, Annihlus, Bor, Cul Borson(The Serpent) ,Gorr the god butcher, & Dr.Doom. Hulks: A-bomb, Skaar, Abomination, Hulk 2099 & Hulverine Spider-verse characters: Spider-Man (Noir), Scarlet-spider (Ben Riley), Spider-woman (Jessica Drew), Scarlet-spider (Kaine) Olympians: Zeus, Hercules, Ares & Pluto X-men characters: Vulcan, Havok, Juggernaut, Mystique,The Blob, Toad, Bishop, Jubilee, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Professor X, Daken, Sabretooth, Iceman, Omega red, Romulus, Onslaught, Mr. Sinister & Banshee. Uniforms: Fear Itself: The Worthy & The Mighty, The Superior Octopus, Old man Logan, Unstoppable Colossus, The Phoenix Five, Punisher 2099, Venom 2099, King Thor, King Hyperion, Avengers 1,000,000 B.C. & Infamous Iron man.
  • Currently a cash grab

    By Jmp0102
    As the title says this game is currently a cash grab. I used to love playing it and making progress without spending money but now you can’t go anywhere without spending real money. I love this game and it’s honestly one of my top all time favorites but if it’s just gonna keep moving the way it has been I’m never playing it again.
  • Like it

    By NintendoGuy640
    Just Amazed by the features that the Game brings.
  • Great game💙

    By Julio2424
  • Deadpool

    By Kiyu_jaN1
    Why is there no Dead pool there’s Gewnpool but I wanna see DeadPOOL
  • This game is a lot of fun

    By Sudjfysuhukgyjdirrig
    This game is a lot of fun, it has a lot of good things that other games like this don’t, the graphics are amazing, each character has different special moves that align with that character, the makers very obviously put a lot of hard work into this game but, I’m honestly a little disappointed that you have to pay real money to get quite a few characters, I’m at about 84 and unless you’re really really patient with the epic quests it’s difficult to get more characters than that without spending money. The epic quests take a very long time to complete without spending money on diamonds. I’m sure that you could reach the 100 character mark if you played every day for like, a year, maybe? But not everybody has time for that and people get bored with repetitive things. A lot of the x-men are unavailable for free, though you can play through the epic quest for x-men it makes you rank up characters without a good way of getting biometrics for that character because it limits how many times you can play, I honestly can’t think of a reason to do that other than trying to get people to spend money on the game/keep playing. And then there are the world boss characters and those are also a bit difficult to unlock without spending money to rank up other characters to defeat them. then there’s the monthly bonus deal. There are some characters that you can only get if you pay 10$ (9.99) to get 20 biometrics everyday for a month and that will unlock 30 characters by the end of the month(when you first start the game I think you get this for free for a bit but that goes away eventually) , there is also a version of that that is for x-men (the bios for x-men are called x-genes) and it’s the same thing where you get 20 x-genes a day for a month for 10$. I don’t know much about the x-genes so I’m not going to talk about them. But there are at least 30 characters (not including x-men) that you can’t unlock without paying at least 10$. If your planing on slowly unlocking every character for free.... you can’t. Their whole thing with this game is that you can play with your favorite characters but you really can’t do that unless you want to spend 20$ (at least because I don’t know how many characters can’t be unlocked without the monthly bonus deals). I tried really hard to not sound like an old angry white man in this review but I probably did so I’m sorry. I don’t see myself deleting this game any time soon as it’s a lot of fun and I want to see how much farther I can get without spending money, it’s overall a really great game that people very obviously spent a lot of time on, and I know that you have to make money when you have a game this good but maybe try to find another way to do that without making so many characters cost money. You could probably make shortcuts with unlocking/upgrading characters where you can either wait and get biometrics for that character or spend like 3$ per star to instantly rank up and add that to more things while leaving the option to unlock the character for free. Thank you for reading have a lovely day.
  • Would be five star but

    By Darthritz
    So the game is awesome. Tons of supper hero hack and slash goodness. My only real problem is that every time I open it I have to re download 703.3 mb of data. EVERY TIME. Please fix this. But yeah otherwise the game is amazing
  • This game is fun

    By jaxmenard02
    This game is great but it’s missing something who you may ask? Jessica drew spider woman !!!
  • Sick of the pop ups

    By Trollertwinz
    Kinda upset spent money on this spent crystals and had some leftover and this one pop up appears when I tried to press a button and boom 500 crystals down the drain for something I could have done easily in 2 days now have to wait forever just to get iron mans infinity wars costume because it takes forever to get crystals it’s a good game just upset that I spent my money and spent it on something I did not want and it wasn’t even much just 50 rogue x genes and some gold that’s all I wanted to say
  • Marvel Future Fight

    By BigBootyLarry
    I Have A Problem With Having So Much Characters That I Can’t Focus On Ranking/Leveling Up The Characters I Personally Like, So In The Next Update There Should Be An Option To Sell Characters For The Same Amount Of Biometrics, Gear Up Kits, Dimension Debris, Mastery Tickets, ISO-8, Norn Stones, And EXP Chips Depending On Rank/Level (Based On Whatever Type He Or She Is) Gold, Diamonds, And Etc, And Should Also Make It So That Each Time Our Hero Levels Up, So Does The Skills Because It Literally Costs Too Much To Upgrade The Skills. Please Consider This Review The Game Is Fun But This Will Definitely Make It Much Easier And Enjoyable Thank You! :)